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Climate Scientist Explains How Rainfall is Inhibited to Produce Drought When Jet Aircraft Dump Aerosols into the Atmosphere


Telescope Provides Clear Evidence of Jet Aircraft Aerosol Dumps That Produce Artificial Climate Change

Essential Weather and Tracking Tools

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USAF_Air-Force-Academy-Chemtrails ManualConspiracy Fact:  the Department of Defense first published “Chemtrails” in 1990 as the title to a required chemistry course for new pilots attending the esteemed US Air Force Academy. The term “chemtrails”, and its implied meaning were eventually adopted by civilian and retired military observers to describe unusual jet contrail emissions.  See how the term “Chemtrails” is used by NASA to decribe release of chemicals into the atmosphere.  (MORE)

Documented Aerosol Dumps Over Gainesville

Archive Video Backup

Required Reading

NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered Climate Modification  This article goes back in time prior to WWII to explain the history of how national proposals to warm the arctic was mysteriously reversed to an inappropriate and nearly instantaneous campaign of fear-mongering about how CO2 was going to warm the arctic and the planet – for free.  This abrupt and unexplained reversal in national conversation was coincidental with operation paper-clip and importation of  NAZI scientists who were welcomed with open arms by sympathetic forces already in place in the USA.  One clue is the ability to launch rockets into the atmosphere carrying nuclear and space weapons. This opened the opportunity to transform the earth’s atmosphere into a virtual “gas chamber” for global dominance.

ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org

ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org

ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org




  1. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I found this during my search for something concerning this. Also i find the below website are usefull for UGC NET preparation https://www.facebook.com/groups/ugccbse/ and http://www.gatecseit.in/

  2. Are we trying to stop this? If so, what is the plan? Ammo up and attack airports? Seriously, our junior high level of maturity for issues of survival wherein we jail whistle-blowers has to stop, and that means we have to change our society! If Kim Jong Il was injecting aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde OR aborted fetal tissue into infants, we’d think him a monster, yet we can’t stop sb277 because we’re too immature to point out that the government is doing harm? As long as you stick with the attitude that the government is infallible instead of recognizing that people who just happen to work in offices in buildings designated as “government” do not transform into unquestionable agents sent by God Himself to protect us, but people, just people, who are sometimes – scratch that, every time going to take the extra money, even for poisoning you children, we’re doomed. Even if you stopped this, they’d put in another oligarchy owned by bankers and worship them and return to child sacrifice again and again. We haven’t come out of our caves. We still resist change and shun people who stand out, whether that standing out is serial killing (which CAN, at least get glorified in movies), one’s sexual nature, or in the case of whistle-blowers, exhibit care for one’s fellow man. Fear of standing out = LACK OF COURAGE. For an idea on how to get around this lack of courage and start taking the road toward change, check out A Single Change @ http://worthy-individuals.org/ It may be a way to get the change we need without rioting in the streets. By the way, if you read that and can only ask “but what about the…” please refrain from commenting, coward. This is a way to stand out, and if you lack the courage,, I already have heard from you and everyone else too afraid to take action. No one has refuted my idea, but no one will stand with me. If we can’t make this single sensible change, you guys may as well shut down, because we won’t make any.

  3. The KrisAnne Hall show is great! So glad to have a fine young attorney like her out there working for freedom and the Constitution. She’s awesome! Now if only we had more attorneys out there like her.

  4. I am out riding my bike pretty much every afternoon and been doing it for several years that I’ve been retired. Since I usually ride the same bike trail, I’ve kept myself amused by taking my camera and photoing both contrails and chemtrails (I have thousands of pictures), trying to see if my “data” could teach something. Well, I think I’ve finally figured something out. The chemtrails seem to come as weather fronts move in, leading the front or sometimes over the clouds already here (which is hard to see because they’re above the clouds and I can only spot them through occasional breaks in the clouds).
    I asked myself why they would do that. My guess, that I don’t know how I could verify, is this:
    Low air pressures kind of “suck” weather toward them. Chemtrails cool and thus probably help create or enlarge low pressures. So, if you want to move the weather to a spot or faster through a spot (to make a drought), use chemtrails to help it.

    • Aerosols are known to produce drought by flooding the atmosphere with too many CCN. Producing drought also produces heat. The concept that SRM is cooling the planet is a complete lie. It’s just the opposite. More aerosols = more heat.

  5. I just got back from an errand bike ride, again taking pictures of chemtrails. It reminded me of something else. There are definitely different lengthed trails. I kind of created a system for them as I rename them in my files. A type “0” is one without any trail, which I presume is because the air is so dry that the trail dissipates right behind the plane. A type “1” is the typical (real) contrail. My scale goes up to “9”, which is a trail that goes from horizon to horizon and lasts for hours (until the winds blow it elsewhere).
    The reason for my “scale” is that there’s plenty (and the majority) of trails that are longer than contrails and don’t go from horizon to horizon. Those trails frequently have pieces of them in the middle. They also don’t usually spread out wide as type “9” (and some lesser) trails do.
    So, I’m wondering if there are different types of trails. Are there different things being sprayed at different times for different objectives? Also, there were (before the last 3 months when the chemtrails have gotten regular) few days with chemtrails and then there were only one or two, which I can’t figure out what they could achieve.
    Any ideas?

  6. Thanks for the info … great site … more people awaking all the time … Cactus Plains … Chemtrails are killing most everything In the ecosystems … lots of earth based info on Cactus Plains Crowned King of the rangeland ecosystems … like the plague, etc is coming from the rain!!!

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