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Jan 30, 2014

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There is a lot going on the world that many people are not aware of so I would like to point out that last Saturday, there was a worldwide march concerning geo-engineering and chemtrails.

Our skies are being bombarded with unnatural substances that have drawn the attention of environmentalists all over the world since 1996, mostly ignored by an indifferent public.

These lines crossing the sky are not contrails, as some may think, but a little bit of research would clarify.

Most people do not know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail but for the sake of your health, I suggest you become informed.

A contrail is a short line of vapour that disappears within seconds. A chemtrail is a white line that remains for hours, widening and feathering into a wide elongated-looking cloud. These “fake” or geo-engineered clouds (officially referred to as stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering) contain toxic substances, including aluminum hydroxide, strontium and barium, to name a few.  *** Continue

“Fake Snow” More Likely To Be Chemtrails Polymers Than Ice Nucleation Bacteria 19

Online videos alleging “fake snow” are going viral but mostly for the wrong reason.

While it’s true that experiments with ice nucleating bacteria are carried out for good as well as nefarious reasons, the process does almost nothing to add or remove water from the resultant snow that falls on the ground.

The best way to see if the snow was nucleated is with a microscope to reveal the presence of one of 78 species of the Pseudomonas syringae bacteria – a gram-negative, rod-shaped, obligate aerobe.

Video demonstration shows how a protein from a strain of the Pseudomonas syringae bacteria can cause cold water to turn into ice.

Ice Nucleation Fake Snow Over Atlanta

See this story from Intellihub:   Proof: Massive snowstorm yields ‘fake snow’ signifying false flag weather manipulation or massive social experiment

Several videos at this site use matches, lighters and torches to reveal the snow has no water. But these tests cause the snow (ice) to evaporate into water vapor (a gas) before it has a chance to manifest as “water” (liquid)

“Sublimation” is the term to describe this:

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.”  (Source)

So if the snow is truly “fake” and can be demonstrated to contain no water, the source is more likely to be a polymer sprayed from a jet aircraft – and spider web type Polymers sprayed from chemtrails  are more likely to be the culprit.

Hide Tons of Bio-toxins Disguising As SNOW.

WARNING:  Don’t Eat the Snow and Don’t Drink the Rain

Sources and data:

Download the Chemtrails Manual Published For The USAF Academy 9

Air_Force-Academy-Welcome-Photshop-bDownload the 220 page Chemtrails manual in PDF Format HERE or HERE (Large 28 MB file. Use right-click method to download)

Details or original DoD Chemtrails Document:

Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 and 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications and Concepts in Chemistry) by Usafa
ISBN: 0201306840
ISBM-13: 9780201306842
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company (1998-03)
Spiral-bound – Sales Rank: 4847383
Product Demensions: 10.8 x 8.9 x 0.5 inches

Later editions of this textbook are now available online.  See BookFinder4U or Google Search by ISBN number = ISBN: 0201306840

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to establish the term “chemtrails” was invented by the DoD and US Air Force Academy. 

However compelling, we resist claiming with absolute certainty that the title is directly linked to the obvious aerosol geoengineering aka “chemtrails” operation in increased evidence since the mid-1990’s.   The content, however suggests possible methods for manipulation of the earth’s atmospheric chemistry and could be construed as a course requirement for pilots who would be engaged in deploying chemicals (chemtrails) into the atmosphere as an “exotic weapon”, as described in HR-2977aka “The Space preservation Act of 2001″.

A significant clue to the future US military agenda as perceived in 1990 is revealed in the chapter on global oil reserves beginning on pg. 64 titled:  “Data From Analysis of Present And Future Energy Resources”.


Contrary to rumors of “conspiracy theory”, the Department of Defense invented and published the term, “Chemtrails” in 1990 as the title to a chemistry course manual for new pilots attending the esteemed US Air Force Academy.  With the manual originally paid for by the American taxpayer, the term “chemtrails” continues to be used to describe unusual jet emissions that may, or may not be normal contrails.

The term “Chemtrails”, and its implied meaning was eventually adopted by civilian observers to describe unusual military jets and later, commercial aircraft contrail emissions.

In etymological terms, the origin of a word is very important. Regardless the intended definition, history clearly shows the term “Chemtrails” originated at the US Department of Defense as the title for a Chemistry manual used at the Air Force Academy cadet training program in the early 1990’s. Two editions of the “Chemtrails” manual are known to exist – A 200 page version for the 1990 Fall class and a 232 page version for the 1991 class. The course title “chemtrails” was so popular as to be adopted by the DoD for at least two academic years (1990-1991).

Definition – A: The Oxford Dictionary provides an accurate description of “chemtrails” even if they are unaware that the DoD is the “inventor” and original publisher of the word, “chemtrails”.


Pronunciation: /ˈkɛmtreɪl/


a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation.

Origin: 1990s: blend of chemical and trail, on the pattern of contrail (Oxford Dictionary)


Definition – B: Defined as an “exotic weapon” in HR 2977, Space Preservation Act of 2001. (Gov. Doc – PDF)

Origin: Department of Defense title to a chemistry manual as required study for future pilots enrolled at the US Air Force Academy.

A Microfilm copy of “Chemtrails” is available through the Inter Library Loan system (ILL). Exhibts and chain of custody is included below.

The complete 220 page Chemtrails manual is available for download – HERE or HERE (Large 28 MB file. Use right-click method to download)

Chemtrails Manual Chain of Custody

Chemtrails Book at Bookfinder4U

In 2001, US Rep., Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 2977 “Space Preservation Act of 2001″. The text of the Bill defines Chemtrails as an exotic weapon.

Kucinich Chemtrails exotic weapon

About the Chemtrails Manual Cover

  • The Air Force Academy Chemtrails manual cover shows a flame from a Bunsen burner that appears to be producing two “trails”.
  • The title of the manual “Chemtrails” is printed between the two “trails”.
  • Considering the intentional graphic depicting “trails” it’s possible the Bunsen burner represents a jet engine producing “chemically” induced, persistent contrails.
  • A Bunsen burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame which is used for heating, sterilization, and combustion.
  • A test tube filled with a liquid is emptying contents into a flask.
  • The remaining graphic appears to be a chemical representation for “methane” (CH4). Since Natural gas contains mostly “methane” it’s possible this symbol alludes to the fuel providing the flame to the Bunsen burner. (Natural Gas)

Bunsen Burner Detail.and Methane graphic

Method: An inter-library loan initiated by the Alachua County main library yielded a microfilm copy of the 1990 Chemistry 131 Manual used in training by the US Air force Academy. The lending institution was the William T. Young Library at the University of Kentucky as shown in the label below.

The microfilm was in acceptable condition, however the 1990 Chemtrails manual was scanned in 1992 under less than optimum conditions from a well-used original.

The Alachua County Library equipment was used to scan each of the 200 pages to digital *.TIF files. Photoshop was used to optimize each image to the smallest file size that would permit adequate resolution for on-line viewing. Each image was imported to a Microsoft Word page where the complete manual was saved to a 30 MB PDF file. (Portable Document File).

NOTE: A second edition of Chemtrails (232 pages) was published for a subsequent Fall class of Air Force cadets. (Circa 1992)

USAF Chemtrails Manual Receipt

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to establish the term “chemtrails” was invented by the DoD and USAFA. However compelling, we resist claiming that the title and/or content is directly linked to the covert aerosol geoengineering and “chemtrails” operation that has been infecting planet earth for the past quarter century. The course content, however suggests possible methods for manipulation of the earth’s atmospheric chemistry and could be construed as a course requirement for pilots who could be engaged in deploying chemicals into the atmosphere.

A significant clue to the future US military agenda as perceived in 1990 is revealed in the chapter on “peak oil” beginning on pg. 64 titled:  “Data From Analysis From Present And Future Energy Resources”.

Air Force Academy Admissions Requirements

Following The Chemtrails Tutorial 7

Swallowing The Camel Header

This excellent and well researched series provides the background and historical precedent for what is happening in our skies today. ie: “chemtrails”.

However,  Part IV: A Timeline of Significant Chemtrail Events is missing an important entry that provides the origin of the world “chemtrails” and an opportunity to download the complete “Chemtrails” manual published by the DoD in 1990.  *** Continue

Following the Chemtrails-Introduction

In British Columbia, numerous Morgellons sufferers believe that mysterious fibers and microscopic slivers removed from their bodies are nanotech devices, sprayed onto the unwitting populace by jets. David Icke sees trails of gum-like residue littering the Isle of Wight … Continue reading →

Following the Chemtrails I: Jets

To understand contrails and sort out the chemtrail issue, we must first know a few things about the aircraft responsible for them. So let’s start at the beginning. An Extremely Brief History of Jet Travel A jet aircraft is, quite … Continue reading →

Following the Chemtrails II: Contrails and Clouds

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Following the Chemtrails III: Aerial Spraying Operations – Military Chaff

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Following the Chemtrails III.5: Aerial Spraying Operations, Past and Present

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Following the Chemtrails IV: A Timeline of Significant Chemtrail Events

Part IV of Following the Chemtrails Where did it all begin? In researching chemtrail sightings and theories, I was stunned to learn that this phenomenon didn’t begin with people noticing persistent contrails in the sky, wondering what they could be, … Continue reading →

Bill Nye Reveals Population Control Is Real Agenda Behind Global Warming 3

Gore Chemtrails is Conspiracy Theory GW is Real

NYE: In the year 1750, there were about a billion humans in the world. Now, there are well over seven — seven billion people in the world. It more than doubled in my lifetime. So all these people trying to live the way we live in the developed world is filling the atmosphere with a great deal more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than existed a couple of centuries ago.

Nye claims that politicians can fix pot holes and time red lights, therefore they can also fix the climate: Nye: ‘This is the same thing on a much, much larger scale.’

Morano vs. Nye on CO2

NYE: ‘Do we agree that the atmosphere used to have 250 parts per million, now it has over 400 of carbon dioxide.’

MORANO: Absolutely. We’ve had ice ages at between 2,000 and 8,000 parts per million in the geological history of the Earth. We’ve had similar temperatures with 20 times the CO2 levels…The idea that — that the U.S. or developing world should limit their energy choices based on rising CO2 fears is scientifically baseless. And the geologic record bears that out and the current weather bears it out…It comes down to hundreds of factors are influencing our climate here. CO2 is not the tail that wagged the dog…There’s no more weather extremes over the 20th century. You can go from hurricanes or — we’re at a historic low right now…We had the lowest year on record for tornadoes.’

Morano vs. Nye on Development in Poor Nations:

MORANO: ‘How is the white, wealthy Western Europe world, in Europe and the U.S., going to tell people of color, 1.3 billion in the developing world, they can’t have what we have? Who is Bill Nye to tell [the developing word] they can’t have carbon-based energy?’

NYE: ‘We don’t want to have less. We want to do more with less. And this is where the innovations come in.’


By: Climate DepotJanuary 28, 2014 1:21 PM with 2 comments

Stossel’s ‘Chill Out’ program with John Stossel on Fox Business – First Broadcast January 23, 2014Bill Nye the Science Guy, who says he is “frantic” about climate change debates skeptic Marc Morano of ClimateDepot.com. (Note: Morano and Nye also debated on CNN in 2012. Also see Morano debating on UN TV in Nov. and his debate on CNN in Dec. 2013 as well as his January 2014 Fox News appearance on cold and AGW)

Watch Full Nye Debate Below: 

Full Transcript Below – But first, selected enhanced transcripts with weblink references.

Bill Nye on how politicians can fix potholes, time red lights and fix the climate: 

STOSSEL: This idea that politicians can fix the climate strikes me as arrogance. And I think we heard arrogance six years ago from our president after he defeated Hillary Clinton.

OBAMA: This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

STOSSEL: Bill, isn’t this the conceit of the self-anointed, politicians are going to fix the climate?

NYE: By way of example, is it conceit when politicians claim they’re going to fix potholes in the street?

STOSSEL: No, they can do that.

NYE: It is conceit when politicians say they’re going to time the traffic lights?

STOSSEL: No, they can do that.

MORANO: No, they can do that.

NYE: Is it conceit when politicians — is it conceit when politicians say they’re going to clean up the water in Chesapeake Bay?


NYE: Is that inappropriate? Those — those things have been done.


MORANO: Those are doable.

NYE: This is the same thing on a much, much larger scale.

Nye fails to recognize 1990 UN IPCC temperature graph showing medieval warm period as warmer than today:

STOSSEL: And if you look, over time, we have a graph here from just the year 1000 to today, we had the Medieval warm period, we had the Little Ice Age, big changes.

NYE: You’ve really, uh, you’ve really messed with the far right hand side of the graph.

MORANO: That’s the United Nations graph from 1990, pre-hockey stick

NYE: Yes.

MORANO: – before they reinvented past temperatures.

Morano vs. Nye on Development in Africa, Asia, & South America

MORANO: I interviewed Jerry Brown, who said that they couldn’t emulate American lifestyle. Well, who is he? How is the white, wealthy Western Europe world, in Europe and the United States, going to tell people of color, 1.3 billion in the developing world, they can’t have what we have? Who is Bill Nye to tell [the developing word] they can’t have carbon-based energy?’

NYE: ‘We don’t want to have less. We want to do more with less. And this is where the innovations come in.’

Every Country on Earth Banned Aerosol Spraying in 1978 But Chemtrails Continue to Fill the Sky 1


Still destroying the ozone since 1978

January 23, 1978. On this date, Sweden announced it would ban aerosol sprays containing chlorofluorocarbons as the propelling agent. It was the first country in the world to do so. At the time, evidence had increasingly suggested that chlorofluorocarbons were damaging Earth ozone layer. The U.S. announced it would ban fluorocarbon gases in aerosol products on October 15, 1978.

Virtually every country on Earth banned the use of chlorofluorocarbon-propelled aerosol cans with the adoption of the Montreal Protocol in 1989.

As it turned out, the transition to modern aerosols cans was easy. Most consumers didn’t notice any difference among their favorite sprays as aerosol producers began using other propellant gases – propane, n-butane and isobutene – or mechanical pumps.

Has this ban on chlorofluorocarbons sprayed into Earth’s atmosphere helped our ozone layer? Although scientists knew that, in theory, these chemicals could harm the ozone layer, the Antarctic ozone hole was not discovered until 1979. From 1980 through the early 1990s, the hole rapidly grew in size and depth. Since the mid-1990s, area and depth have roughly stabilized, although scientists said recently that the ozone hole is still not in recovery.

*** Continue

Scientists Say Aerosols Have Dramatic Effect On Climate 4

Picture of how our climate is affected by greenhouse gases is a ‘cloudy’ one, say researchers from the Hebrew University, US and Australia

26 January 2014 Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“…aerosols can have dramatic effects of either increasing or decreasing the cloud sun-deflecting effect…”

Jerusalem, Jan. 26, 2014 – The warming effect of human-induced greenhouse gases is a given, but to what extent can we predict its future influence? That is an issue on which science is making progress, but the answers are still far from exact, say researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the US and Australia who have studied the issue and whose work which has just appeared in the journal Science.

4 Jets Spraying chemtrails-C

Indeed, one could say that the picture is a “cloudy” one, since the determination of the greenhouse gas effect involves multifaceted interactions with cloud cover.

“…further progress on understanding aerosol-cloud interactions and their effects on climate is limited by inadequate observational tools and models…”

To some extent, aerosols –- particles that float in the air caused by dust or pollution, including greenhouse gases – counteract part of the harming effects of climate warming by increasing the amount of sunlight reflected from clouds back into space. However, the ways in which these aerosols affect climate through their interaction with clouds are complex and incompletely captured by climate models, say the researchers. As a result, the radiative forcing (that is, the disturbance to the earth’s “energy budget” from the sun) caused by human activities is highly uncertain, making it difficult to predict the extent of global warming.

And while advances have led to a more detailed understanding of aerosol-cloud interactions and their effects on climate, further progress is hampered by limited observational capabilities and coarse climate models, says Prof. Daniel Rosenfeld of  the Fredy and Nadine Herrmann Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author of the article in Science. Rosenfeld wrote this article in cooperation with Dr. Steven Sherwood of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Dr. Robert Wood of the University of Washington, Seattle, and Dr. Leo Donner of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. .

Their recent studies have revealed a much more complicated picture of aerosol-cloud interactions than considered previously. Depending on the meteorological circumstances, aerosols can have dramatic effects of either increasing or decreasing the cloud sun-deflecting effect, the researchers say. Furthermore, little is known about the unperturbed aerosol level that existed in the preindustrial era. This reference level is very important for estimating the radiative forcing from aerosols.

Also needing further clarification is the response of the cloud cover and organization to the loss of water by rainfall. Understanding of the formation of ice and its interactions with liquid droplets is even more limited, mainly due to poor ability to measure the ice-nucleating activity of aerosols and the subsequent ice-forming processes in clouds.

Explicit computer simulations of these processes even at the scale of a whole cloud or multi-cloud system, let alone that of the planet, require hundreds of hours on the most powerful computers available. Therefore, a sufficiently accurate simulation of these processes at a global scale is still impractical.

Recently, however, researchers have been able to create groundbreaking simulations in which models were formulated presenting simplified schemes of cloud-aerosol interactions, This approach offers the potential for model runs that resolve clouds on a global scale for time scales up to several years, but climate simulations on a scale of a century are still not feasible. The model is also too coarse to resolve many of the fundamental aerosol-cloud processes at the scales on which they actually occur. Improved observational tests are essential for validating the results of simulations and ensuring that modeling developments are on the right track, say the researchers.

While it is unfortunate that further progress on understanding aerosol-cloud interactions and their effects on climate is limited by inadequate observational tools and models, achieving the required improvement in observations and simulations is within technological reach, the researchers emphasize, provided that the financial resources are invested. The level of effort, they say, should match the socioeconomic importance of what the results could provide: lower uncertainty in measuring man-made climate forcing and better understanding and predictions of future impacts of aerosols on our weather and climate.

Air Force Plans to Pull Plug on Alaska’s Controversial HAARP Facility 5

Alaska Dispatch Header

Dermot Cole

January 27, 2014

FAIRBANKS — Whenever anything unusual happens, whether it is Fukushima radiation or the “polar vortex” in the Lower 48, someone somewhere will connect it to radio signals emanating from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, 15 miles northeast of Glennallen.

Every hurricane, typhoon, tornado, heat wave, flood, drought and blizzard can thus be traced without any thought by conspiracy theorists to the Air Force site, not far from the Tok Cut-Off, just east of the Richardson Highway. Nothing can stop the tsunami of HAARP hysteria, which complicates the matter of discussing its future.

The $290 million facility is a vestige of the Sen. Ted Stevens earmark era in Alaska, valued by scientists from the military and many of America’s leading universities, who see it as a “cosmic plasma laboratory without walls,” with implications not only for the military but also for basic science and communications. *** Continue

Chemtrails Drought Catastrophe Targets California 3

Geoengineering Watch Header

Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

January 24, 2014

Most of the “the golden state” is now parched, baked and dried far beyond any historical precedent. Reservoirs are nearly empty, streams are drying up, and forests are dying by the day. Catastrophic fires will also continue to decimate California due to the engineered drought.

Dane Wigington

dane-wigington-mugMuch of the state went through all of 2013 with no significant rain. Why? What will it take to wake people up to the “weather warfare” being waged on them? Geoengineering reduces overall global rainfall totals (though it can also trigger regions of torrential flooding). Intentionally caused drought is weather warfare, period. There is a great deal of disinformation out there already and its getting worse by the day.

Even some of the biggest “alternative news sites” are helping to “toe the line” for the global elite by putting out articles on drought and “global cooling” which make no mention of the climate engineering at all. Yet, on the other hand, these same “news sites” claim to be aware of climate engineering and they say they are against it.

Which is it? How can they be aware of the geoengineering programs and yet put out climate article after climate article without so much as mentioning the elephant in the room that is climate engineering?

The articles from these “alternative media sites are even claiming all the chaotic weather is just “normal cycles”. This is exactly what corporate media does, so who’s side are these alternative media sites on? How is it possible that any weather in a completely engineered climate system is “normal”?  *** Continue

Drought Map North America

UN/IPCC Exposed: Use Climate Change As Weapon To Force One-Party System 1

Occupy Corporatism header

Davos 2014: UN Pushes Sustainable Energy as Climate Weapon

January 23, 2014

Christiana Figueres UN climate chiefThe global Elite have gathered in Switzerland to discuss the future of the planet; while enjoying a ski vacation in Davos.

Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) warns that “the world economy is at risk unless a binding climate deal is agreed in Paris in 2015 to lower heat-trapping carbon emissions from coal and oil.”

Figueres points toward “the signal to the global economy needs to be stronger than it is right now” to shift to sustainable energy and stabilize global warming in order to avoid the consequences of climate change.

Lubos Motl, former professor at Harvard commented :

“The actual goal of the climatism is to liquidate democracy, freedom, and prosperity in the world. …It’s the very ability of the one-party system to neutralize the opposition of any kind that is so intriguing for Ms Figueres and thousands of champions of the climate alarmism.  It’s what their talk about the ‘consensus’ and the dissatisfaction with the ‘contrarians’ is all about. The goal of these people is to stop democracy, freedom, and prosperity regardless of the fate of Nature, the temperatures, or the CO2 concentrations.”

*** Continue

Lubos_Motl Mug 2011

Lubos Motl

Russian Scientists Allege PHOBOS Mars Mission Sabotaged by HAARP 4

Scientific American Header
Soon after the ill-fated Phobos-Grunt spacecraft stalled in Earth orbit, a former Russian official implicated “powerful American radars” in Alaska.

HAARP ApplicationsIs there a basis to the claim, or is it just scapegoating?
Dec 14, 2011 |By Jim Nash

After 19 attempts over 51 years, Russia has yet to chalk up a fully successful mission to Mars. That includes its ambitious Phobos–Grunt probe, launched November 8 from Kazakhstan and now stranded in low Earth orbit. Unable to regain control of the spacecraft, the Russians now expect it to fall back to Earth around January 9.

Responding to shame over the nation’s Mars program, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has threatened to criminally prosecute those responsible if possible. Soon after Medvedev’s comments, a former high-ranking Russian officer found a more convenient scapegoat in a remote Alaskan radar facility. But an analysis of the timing and physics involved shows that there is little basis for the claim.

Rodionov was quoted saying the U.S. wants to use the ionosphere as part of its missile defense, although he did not elaborate.

Phobos–Grunt was to retrieve soil (“grunt” in Russian) from the Martian moon Phobos and return it to Earth for study. But the rocket engine intended to boost the spacecraft into a higher orbit failed. The probe itself has since communicated only sporadically with ground stations, and even then it has murmured only unintelligible noise.

“Whereas similar radar facilities exist in Norway, Russia, Peru and other locations, HAARP is one of the most powerful.”

“HAARP routinely points itself at full power towards certain satellites” that monitor what happens at the top of the ionosphere above an IRI beam.

*** Complete article

CHEMTRAILS: Video Captures Toxic Fallout After Object Explodes Over San Diego 9

While scanning a sky full of chemtrails this videographer captured an object literally exploding over a populated area of San Diego, CA.

Debris of unknown toxic pollution fell into residential neighborhoods presumed to contain real people, homes, gardens, lawns, swimming pools, water resources and wildlife habitat.

These types of environmental crimes occur in our skies every day.  Occasionally, someone with a camera is unlucky enough to capture the event.

San Diego Chem-Bomb Map

CHEMTRAILS: Don’t Eat the Snow and Don’t Drink the Rain 1

Institut Phillipe Taillez Header

“We think these air borne filaments could result from the recombination of substances that are rejected at high altitude in the atmosphere by jet engines.”

Chemtrails: New Analysis in French Laboratory

Filaments collected in the field in four places in France since the end of 2012

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 (Source)


Bernard Tailliez Chemist-mugFilaments collected in the field in four places in France since the end of 2012

Samples collected from individuals, entrusted to Analytika (Center for Independent Research and Expetises Organic Chemistry, located in Cuers, Var, France).

Evidence was such that a French local newspaper “Le Dauphine” published the story.

The report recently published by Analytika analysis provides scientific evidence of anthropogenic origin of these filaments. Among the many various known organic compounds are detected in the composition of fuels and lubricants for aircraft engines molecules, including several phthalates, “endocrine disruptors”.

Location of filaments at four locations in France since the end of 2012.

French collection points for chemtrail filaments

Pg. 118 Four filament collection points

Photos of aircraft filaments

Chemtrails polymer-aandb

Aircraft filaments

The report recently published by Analytika analysis provides scientific evidence of anthropogenic origin of these filaments. Among the many various known organic compounds are detected in the composition of fuels and lubricants for aircraft engines molecules, including several phthalates , “endocrine disruptors”.20131030_Dumas-18_Rapport_analytique_AnAlytikA

Full 119 Page Report (PDF)

DEHP: Europe Calls This One of the Top 6 Chemical Threats to Humans. — DEHP is highly lipophilic (fat soluble). When used in PVC plastic, DEHP is loosely chemically bonded to the plastic and readily leaches into blood or other lipid-containing solutions in contact with the plastic. This leaching of DEHP into humans via the solution with which it is in contact increases the risk of certain adverse health outcomes. Animal studies show that exposure to DEHP can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system, particularly the developing testes of prenatal and neonatal males.

See Aerotoxic Syndrome (organophosphates)

Organophosphates: An organophosphate (sometimes abbreviated OP) or phosphate ester is the general name for esters of phosphoric acid. Phosphates are probably the most pervasive organophosphorus compounds. Many of the most important biochemicals are organophosphates, including DNA and RNA as well as many cofactors that are essential for life. Organophosphates are the basis of many insecticides, herbicides, and nerve agents. The United States Environmental Protection Agency lists organophosphates as very highly acutely toxic to bees, wildlife, and humans.[1] Recent studies suggest a possible link to adverse effects in the neurobehavioral development of fetuses and children, even at very low levels of exposure. Organophosphates are widely used as solvents, plasticizers, and EP additives.

Several samples of « air borne filaments » collected in November and December 2012 throughout the french territory were sent to our laboratory (originating from Thénioux, Saint Clément des Levées, Saint Martin de Crau, and Malabat (collection points located on the map of France, page 118).

For each of these samples, two Curie-Point thermal desorption experiments were conducted at 445°C, directly as well as after in-situ methylation (a process allowing detection of polar compounds potentially present).

The organic compounds generated in this series of eight experiments were – each time – separated by gas chromatography and identified by mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

The data obtained were interpreted and the detailled results are presented in this analytical report. It appears that these « air borne filaments » are complex organic polymers, containing many synthetic chemicals, as evidenced by GC/MS screening of their thermal decomposition products. Many organic molecules commonly encountered in the composition of jet fuels and jet reactors lubricants were evidenced in this investigation.

The four samples studied contain several toxic synthetic compounds (phthalates) and three of them contain DEHP, a member of this family of particular concern due to its properties of endocrin disruptor.

All organic molecules, particularly the heterocyclic compounds, present in the « air borne filaments » samples represent a strong concern, for public health as well as environmental protection.

We think these « air borne filaments » could result from the recombination of substances that are rejected at high altitude in the atmosphere by jet engines.

Considering the fast growth rate of the world-wide air transportation industry, the results of our preliminary study should draw the attention of the public opinion and of the media on this new form of atmospheric pollution.

Hoping the scientific community will soon begin studies to understand the subject, so that the air transportation authorities can play an efficient role in controlling this new form of global atmospheric pollution.

Sky Gaurds Guardacielos header


Backup video CLICK HERE

The interview TVCYL Zamora made ​​three weeks ago. We are still surprised by this great opportunity that has given us the zamorana television to express what is happening.

This document will help us to give visibility to a problem of global magnitude and incalculable life impact on the planet . I appreciate their dissemination.


Atmospheric airborne filaments, collected on the ground from several places in France during the end of year 2012 by simple citizens, have been submitted to AnAlytikA (Independent Center for Investigations and Appraisals in Organic Chemistry, located in Cuers, Var, France).

The analytical report recently published by AnAlytikA gives the scientific evidences of the anthropic origin of these filaments.

Among many organic components detected, several molecules are known to be present in fuels and lubricants of aviation reactors, including several endocrin disrupting “phtalates”.

Bernard Tailliez, Founder and Scientific Director of AnAlytikA is concerned that his investigations reveal a new form of atmospheric pollution, directly induced by air traffic.

The scientific community and relevant authorities -now alerted- must quickly improve their knowledge of the origin and consequences, on health and on climate, of this new form of atmospheric pollution.

And publish their findings, since : “The obligation to suffer gives us the right to know” (Jean Rostand).

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Boeing 787 Spills Fuel on Runway as Passengers Alert Pilot and Crew 6

Norwegian Dreamliner passenger jet purges Fuel From starboard wing

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – Fuel runs out of the airfoil at Sonia Henie-Dreamliner to English. The passengers were told by staff to Norwegian to delete pictures Photo: Ann Kristin Balto

“The fuel passenger aircraft of this type uses special paraffin mixtures , often referred to as Jet A -1. As viewers of the popular series Mythbusteres will have been joined , it is a fuel that is relatively difficult to ignite in liquid form , and they do not even managed to ignite a gas burner.  To ignite effectively requires the hand to be in an air mixture , and Jet A-1 has an evaporating temperature of over 38 degrees . There are currently significantly milder in Bangkok.”

Passenger video of accidental fuel purge

Original Youtube Video

ABC News Video 1/23/2014

Original Youtube Video

Previous 787 Fuel Spill From Left Wing in 2013

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Translaltion to English via Google – Original article

Ann Kristin Balto Tromso is one of the 285 passengers waiting the 19 hours delayed flight from Bangkok to Oslo.  She took the photo at the top of the case that shows how large amounts of fuel flows out of the right wing of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft , adorned with ice ace Sonia Henie as the tail altogether.

When they discovered the error , they asked us not to take pictures because of explosion hazard. Those who had already taken pictures , asked the cabin crew if they could delete them , telling Balto Nordlys .

It flowed out of fuel
Fuel leakage stopped Norwegian aircraft

Passengers warned
More Northerners are traveling to the East . General Manager of Sparebank 1 Nord -Norge’s branch in Harstad , Lasse Hagerupsen , is a companion of six, and also noticed fuel leaking from the aircraft during taxiing .

As the plane taxied to the runway and was about to take off, more passengers began to smell gasoline. The passengers alerted flight attendants who in turn got it reported to the cockpit .

When the fuel ran out of the wing and half a meter long strip of fuel was by plane.

It could have gone bad?

Yes, it could , but there was no drama . Whatever it is naturally uncomfortable. There were several fire trucks and we were standing long runway .

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Asked passengers to delete pictures
The bank manager confirming that the attendants did not like that it was photographed by the Norwegian described as defects in a valve.

We were asked to delete the pictures. I did not because I did my traveling companions were sitting right over the wing . Not everyone got it, so there was no panic.

The flight was canceled and the nearly 300 passengers were bussed to different hotels.

Right after we received your cancellation efficiently and help, and that’s the way the English do not share agreements with other airlines such as SAS. ? It gives problems when things go wrong. I think we’ve been treated well , says Balto just before the plane will take off.

Missed the plane
Now we are sitting at the airport waiting for that check to open. There has been much ventid , she continues.

It’s not just on my way home to Norway there have been problems for Norwegian.  The plane was delayed seven hours when we were going to Thailand too. We strikes (missed) the plane to Phuket from Bangkok , said Hagerupsen .

English know little
Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson is press contact in English , and said first Nordlys that there were major technical problems with the aircraft.

The picture in front of me squirt the fuel out of the wing . Is not it pretty seriously ?

Yes, it ran out of fuel and it was noticed very soon after the aircraft taxied out . There was never any danger to the passengers .

Is it true that passengers alerted the cabin crew ?

No, I think not. A fuel leak reflected in the panel to the pilots and the lights flash to warn .

Deleting images is not a policy.  Why did passengers delete the photos they had taken of the leak ?

It sounds strange and is not a policy we have. The fact that our staff made ​​it ‘s not something we’ve heard before, so I do not know about right.  Beyond this, we have taken good care of the passengers and they were transported to the hotel where food and drink are covered . Now the plane repaired and retirement 4:00 local time . Norwegian sorry of course for everyone involved , says Holmbergh Jacobsson .

The many problems of Norwegian’s newly acquired Dreamliner fleet has given rise to the term “being ” Kjos -fast . ” Obviously named after the airline’s own profile Bjørn Kjos .

Sunday night at 19 here in Norway is the 1:00 at night in Bangkok. The plane is scheduled to take off at . 04.00 local time .

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Nettavisen NA24 Journal Header

Original Article

jos can say what he wants, we see the fuel flow from the wing .

This weekend was Norwegian’s Dreamliner delayed again , as it was described as a ” fuel leak ” was discovered after the plane was pushed out of the gate .

The picture on the passenger Ann Kristin Balto shows that fuel poured out of the right wing .

According to Norwegian’s Chief Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson , this was basically harmless.

There was never any danger to the passengers , but the procedures are such that it is implementing a number of measures when something is discovered , she told the online newspaper NA24 .

Reputation Expert Trond Blindheim believes his side the picture that has now come out , the worst thing that could happen to the company.

I understand that they were asked to delete the pictures. The picture is, yes … it’s so bad. One thing is that there are problems with new aircraft and technical problems , but when it runs out of fuel wings , I’d fucking gone , says Blindheim the online newspaper NA24 .

Look at it when it runs out – and that’s a big mud puddle ! When we hear something bad , we say happily that it is the worst we ‘ve heard , and when you see something you say that it’s the worst thing you ‘ve ever seen, and for once this phrase is right , says expert reputation.

Many people are anxious about the flight, and you shall surely into the air, and generally goes well, but when it runs petrol … The picture is killing ! ” Let the picture tell the story ,” he says .

Blindheim no longer know quite how English should rectify the damage to their reputation .

I do not know exactly what it takes. The frequency of the message is not good, it will lookup for lookup, and now it stopped. There are lots of people who are involved in delays and large coverage of social dumping. And now we see that the fuel flow out of the wings of the new aircraft . It’s the worst thing that can happen.

I think they need to take the aircraft completely out of traffic, they can not have it so , and make sure it is 100 percent in order when it comes to traffic again . This is very basic . “Can it explode ? ” Thought the people . ” The tank leaking for f *** , get me out of the plane ,” A picture says a thousand words , and Kjos can say what he wants, but we see the fuel flow from the wing .

Boeing is responsible

Norwegian’s Chief Lasse Sandakerveien Nilesen says that the leak was caused by a valve failure.  It must have been problems with a valve. Boeing is responsible for maintenance , you will need to contact them , he told online newspaper NA24 .

Newspaper has been in contact with Boeing , who investigates the case.
Due to it ‘s smoking

The fuel passenger aircraft of this type uses special paraffin mixtures , often referred to as Jet A -1. As viewers of the popular series Mythbusteres will have been joined , it is a fuel that is relatively difficult to ignite in liquid form , and they do not even managed to ignite a gas burner.

To ignite effectively requires the hand to be in an air mixture , and Jet A-1 has an evaporating temperature of over 38 degrees . There are currently significantly milder in Bangkok.

Deputy Jo Bear Skatvold in Norwegian Pilot Association ( NPA ) says that events like this can happen.

– ” Jet fuel ” is anything like kerosene, and when it says that there is no smoking , there is a reason for it may be gas mixtures such, he says – and continues:

As regards the incident to English , so it can sometimes happen and it ‘s supposed to be like that. One must always assume that there is something wrong with the aircraft , and this must be checked out , and passengers should know that there is safety comes first.

Wear or wrong

How often does this happen?

It happens occasionally , it can be wear and it can be wrong, and it must be repaired , according Skatvold .

What would the consequences be if this happened in the air?

First and foremost, the loss of fuels , which means that you must land before, as has happened on occasion in the past, says Skatvold.