New Documentary Explains Global Warming Myth as Decoy to Chemtrails 3

Documentary “SKYSCRATCH” 

The promotional Trailer  by PaulStalService  (Youtube Channel)

Skyscratch is a soon to be released documentary that looks at how completely natural “climate change” – and in particular the “Global Warming” scare –  has been used as a fear mongering ploy to create a militarized sky.

WFLA-TV is an NBC-affiliate located in Tampa, Florida.(more)

Tampa is host to Macdill Air Force base where one of the missions is in-flight, aircraft re-fueling. (More)

Climate Engineering Continues to Fuel Planetary Meltdown 1


Geoengineering Watch HeaderDane Wigington

The spraying of Earth’s atmosphere with toxic metallic nano particles and unknown other chemicals is getting worse by the day. There is absolutely no plausible denial of this as we have film footage of US military jets, like KC 10 tankers, spraying at altitude.

Even though the skies around much of the globe already look like something from another planet, amazingly many people still have not noticed as they never seem to look up. The power structure had made sure the population has so many distractions that the can not seem to see the dots let alone connect them. *** Continue

Amazing Geoengineering Aerosols Photographed Over Dry Lake, California 7

How can one of the driest places on earth produce an entire sky full of bizarre persistent and spreading contrails that block the sun at a solar power plant?

Photographer, Calvin Jones captured much more than the operation at the IVANPAH Solar Electric Generating System in Dry Lake, CA.

The special 360 deg camera Jones used for this feature provides a dazzling display of the sky in all directions.

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Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_01

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_02

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_03

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_04

Satellite Captures Tesla Aerosol Weather Modification in the Azores 1

 Tesla Radiation Originating at Sau Miguel Island (AZORES)

5/2/2014 Disturbing satellite images reveal Tesla aerosol Climate modification originating from Sao Miguel in the Azores.

UPDATE: Possible prelude to geoengineered floods over Italy and Bosnia (BBC)

5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-a

The angry clouds in the cone of the electromagnetic wave propagation appear very dark, suggesting black carbon was used as cloud seeding to manufacture intense weather as it moves into western Europe.

In 2009, NOAA and the DHS established that black carbon aerosols arre capable of intensifying the circulation in tropical cyclones.  Manufacturing cyclonic activity with Tesla propagation into clouds seeded with metalic black carbon could be an alternative method of weather weaponization and artificial climate change.

The cone of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) is made “visible” by the aluminum and barium semi-conductive properties of the aerosols.  Normal water-vapor clouds would not visibly react to radio waves in this way.

The apparent result of weather modification on 5/2 is a manufactured cyclone on 5/3 as it moves east to strike land mass in the EU north to Scandanavia (source)

Notice how the chemtrails sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico –  including those associated with the Pensacola flood – have moved across Florida to supply aerosol seeding for operations at Sau Miguel.

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5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-b


5-2-2014 Teslas Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-cc


5-3-2014 Tesla Wx Mod Sao Miguel Island Azores-a





NOAA: Geoengineering the Ocean With Iron KIlls Sea Life 3

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | The US Independent
May 2, 2014

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have released a study on the acidic waters off the West Coast that are causing the shells of marine snails to disintegrate.

These marine snails are part of the diet of the pink salmon, mackerels and herrings.

William Peterson, oceanographer for NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NFSC) explained : “We did not expect to see pteropods being affected to this extent in our coastal region for several decades. This study will help us as we compare these results with future observations to analyze how the chemical and physical processes of ocean acidification are affecting marine organisms.”

*** Continue

Tesla Aerosol Geoengineering Associated With Record Flood in Pensacola 2

Aerosol Geoengineering is a reality with documentation of experiments available in the public record.

But the weather channel and corporate media will never tell the story – for good reason.

To release information that validates aerosol geoengineering would make skeptics of the remaining “believers” who have fallen victim to the IPCC propaganda that climate change is only caused by Greenhouse gases.

How would an educated public react if the Weather Channel informed them that tons of aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere were causing floods and climate chaos?


Operation HAMP ( Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program )

Complete Operation HAMP Archives (Here)

PDF Document: Opertion HAMP – DC Program Review



Carnicom Institute Raises Funds for Bacterial Analysis of Aerosol Spraying 6

Carnicom Institute Header

CI Successfully Raises Funds for Bacterial Analysis


Cliff CarnicomThe Carnicom Institute has successfully raised funds for API Test Strips in near-record time.

These API test strips will allow us to analyze the Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) which have been isolated by Clifford Carnicom.

The CDB are very peculiar bacterial-like forms which have been isolated from the filament structures of the pathogen under study — found in both the aerosol and biological forms.

The CDB appear to be the smallest self-replicating form of life yet discovered in the filament pathogen, and appear key to it’s growth and development.

Additionally, the presence of CDB in human blood makes them top priority for analysis.  *** More

BIOSPHERE Devastation As Chemtrails Geoengineering Accelerates Climate Change 3

BIOSPHERE Devastation As Geoengineering Accelerates Global Climate Change
Posted on March 28, 2014 by cosmicconvergence2012    

Chemtrails + HAARP = Planetary Extinction Level Event

Planet Earth is very soon to cross a number of critical thresholds.  Some of these imminent points of no return, which humanity has been warned about for decades, are now upon us.  In fact, the continued sustainability of life within the biosphere [1] is currently under an increasing number of dire threats and destructive assaults. Many of these are growing in intensity with each passing year.  As a planetary civilization, we are witnessing an alarming number of environmental breaking points, each of which have grave consequences and far-reaching ramifications.

Self-reinforcing negative feedback loops throughout the global environment, particularly pose unprecedented problems and formidable challenges.  Were a number of these to coalesce at the wrong time, and in the wrong place, the entire planet could be plunged into a downward spiral of sorts.  Such a Perfect Storm of weather events and geophysical cataclysms might then establish new and dangerous trends that would adversely affect the entire biosphere.  A convergence and critical mass of ill-timed circumstances, evolving in the wrong direction, could then cascade into a full blown, yet slow motion regional, hemispheric or planetary catastrophe.

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Chemtrails in the Sky in San Luis Obispo 3

Chemtrails in the Sky in San Luis Obispo

I live in San Luis Obispo and went for a walk this morning (Monday, April 21) at 9 a.m. (at 8 a.m. it was a blue sky), and by the time I finished my walk the sky was already filled with chemtrails. I could still see three or four planes spraying their aerosol near sunrise and imagining that thousands of people would look up and see what they would interpret as passenger planes simply emitting exhaust. And that saddens me.  *** Continue


Monsanto Owns The Weather in $1Billion Purchase of Climate Corporation 10


Why Climate Corporation Sold to Monsanto (More)

Biotech company Monsanto has bought Climate Corporation for approximately $1.1 billion. While the Monsanto press release says $930 million, we’re hearing from investors that the actual price is past the $1 billion mark, because part of the all-cash deal will be paid out over time as an employee retention plan.

Climate Corporation is backed by Founders Fund, Khosla, Google Ventures, NEA, Index Ventures and Atomico. The company uses machine learning to predict the weather and other essential elements for agribusiness. *** Continue

Monsanto Revolt

Blackmail of Nuclear Power Promoted to Avoid Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Reply

Activist Post Header

COMMENT: The Blackmail of Nuclear Energy will NOT stop chemtrails.  It becomes increasingly important to make a clear distinction between future aerosol Geoengineering in the STRATOSPHERE to reflect sunlight vs. the past 15 years of weaponized “chemtrail” spraying miles below in the TROPOSPHERE.  We must not allow the Billionaires who determine Global Policy to control the conversation. (More)

Kevin Samson
Activist Post – 4/23/2014

Top Climate Researcher Urges Nuclear Power to Thwart Geoengineering

Geoengineering vs. nuclear power is like watching two grim reapers playing chess.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write off geoengineering as conspiracy. We already have numerous White Papers from think tanks, official documents admitting to climate control plans, and many public admissions from scientists and politicians alike.

This week geoengineering has been launched further into the mainstream.

First we saw Riley Duren, (source) a Chief Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, caution against rogue geoengineers and mad scientists using climate control as a potential weapon. Curiously this is the exact same concern that was expressed by geoengineering’s leading proponent, Harvard climate scientist, David Keith.

Keith likened geoengineering to nuclear weapons … and the subsequent race to acquire that technology. These concerns are centered around structuring the proper international governance to ensure that geoengineering is carried out correctly. *** Continuechemtrails-in-the-troposphere-SAG


The Fight To Expose and Stop Global Climate Engineering Continues Reply

Geoengineering Watch Header

dane-wigington-mugAs the completely out of control and totally unregulated stratospheric aerosol geoengineering rages on in our skies day in and day out, most of the population remains oblivious. Now, a campaign to erect “in your face” billboards along highly traveled freeways is being initiated.

Our planet is literally under an all out assault by the climate engineers day in and day out, virtually all life on Earth is being subjected to the dire ramifications from this assault. The fight to expose the heavy metal and chemical spraying of our skies is nothing short of a fight for life, all of us are needed in this battle. Each of us can help to raise awareness by passing on credible information with an appeal to investigate to all those that are surprisingly still uninformed of this critical issue, this effort is of immense importance. Each day the climate engineering insanity continues to darken an already dim horizon, it is imperative that we all pull together in the task of exposing global geoengineering programs. *** Continue