Climate Mafia May Soon Be Forced to Acknowledge Chemtrails Are “Real” 9

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Activist, Max Bliss recently traveled to Oxford to attend a meeting set to determine the final stages of the Governance for the Regulations on Geoegineering.

According to Max, the meeting revealed the awareness of the current geoengineering and chemtrails operation is well known by high level policy-makers including the United Nations.
Due to hisaffable but  out-spoken nature, Max was contacted by one of the policy insiders who reevealed information that confirmed high level awareness and secrecy about the global spraying operation.

The climate cabal is accutely concerned that public awareness has reached a critical mass of intolerance and anger in the developed countries around the planet.  The geoengineering managers are rightfully worried that public reaction will be severe since it is clear that chemtrailing breaks nearly every rule under the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  and Joint Aviation Authority (JAA).

According to Max, the cabal may be planning to disclose the geoengineering operation to the public in the near future. Of course they will claim the secrecy was required to protect mankind from scorching temperatures, public panic and to keep global economies stable.

Max believes he has cracked the code of GE/chemtrail denial among the climate experts who should know better but who pretent to be blind to massive jet aerosol geoengineering.

Lord Mankton, S. Fred Singer and others campaign the globe preaching that global warming does not exist.   This road-show of AGW deniers would lose their argument if they were to acknowledge that jet aircraft aerosols were artificially keeping the thermostat low.

In the begining, Monkton’s group probably accepted that some of the CO2 and GHG argument was valid enough to be worrisome but still far from conclusive.   Hitching their AGW denial star to a secret geoengineering program provided a pair of loaded dice to work in their favor. But as the years have passed, the Monktonians have become even more educated and more skeptical of the GHG argument that could cause a need for geoengineering.

More significantly, the effectiveness of the covert GE/chemtrails project to cool the planet may already be eclipsed by our own Sun’s ability to plunge Earth into an imminent ice-age.

The global warming debate has so dominated the media that the real story about the future of earth’s climate remains mostly in science and technical journals.

In one exception to the rule, a recent science article in the Irish Times provides a comprehensive view of what the media has been missing:  Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age

An extensive collection of information is provided here

Video by Max Bliss:


Military Drone Armed With Explosives Crashes on Takeoff – Closes Highway 2

Drone QF-4

Comment: This drone is designed to explode on command if it “strays off course”. Little doubt the drone will also explode to murder a US citizen if programmed by the O-Bomb-U assassination thugs.


For the second time in a week, a Drone has been destroyed at Tyndall Air Force Base.

The latest crash came Wednesday morning around 8:25 when the drone crashed alongside US 98 in the Silver Flag area on the east side of the base.

Eye witnesses say the QF 4 drone crashed while taking off, exploded and sent up a large black cloud.

Base and local police and safety officials have closed Highway 98 and are anticipating that it will remain closed for up to 24 hours.

This closure is being done strictly as a precautionary measure due to fires resulting from the crash and a small self-destruct charge carried on board the drone.

The status of this device is unknown however, it is powered by a short-life battery which will be fully depleted in 24 hours.

Officials say the charge is used to destroy the drone if it leaves its pre-approved flight plan.

Officials say that because this self-destruct charge has not yet been activated, crews are waiting for 24 hours before they begin clearing the wreckage. After 24 hours, the self-destruct charge battery will die and crews will not be in danger of the device going off.

Motorist traveling from Panama City to Mexico Beach, should use Hwy. 22 east to Hwy. 71 south, and from Mexico Beach to Panama City Hwy. 71 north to Hwy. 22 west.

The last drone crash was last Wednesday morning when Tyndall destroyed a drone over the Gulf of Mexico south of Cape San Blas in Gulf County.

This crash was seen by vacationers on Cape San Blas.   (VIDEO from RT)

NO HOAX: HAARP Facility Shut Down Before Mid-June 3

ARRL Header

HAARP Facility Shuts Down

The updated story verifies HAARP was temporarily shut-down but will be back online with new management.  READ THIS


Source ARRL

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — a subject of fascination for many hams and the target of conspiracy theorists and anti-government activists — has closed down. HAARP’s program manager, Dr James Keeney at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, told ARRL that the sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May.

“Currently the site is abandoned,” he said. “It comes down to money. We don’t have any.” Keeney said no one is on site, access roads are blocked, buildings are chained and the power turned off. HAARP’s website through the University of Alaska no longer is available; Keeney said the program can’t afford to pay for the service. “Everything is in secure mode,” he said, adding that it will stay that way at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime a new prime contractor will be coming on board to run the government owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility.

HAARP put the world on notice two years ago that it would be shutting down and did not submit a budget request for FY 15, Keeney said, “but no one paid any attention.” Now, he says, they’re complaining. “People came unglued,” Keeney said, noting that he’s already had inquiries from Congress. Universities that depended upon HAARP research grants also are upset, he said.

The only bright spot on HAARP’s horizon right now is that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is expected on site as a client to finish up some research this fall and winter. DARPA has nearly $8.8 million in its FY 14 budget plan to research “physical aspects of natural phenomena such as magnetospheric sub-storms, fire, lightning and geo-physical phenomena.”

The proximate cause of HAARP’s early May shutdown was less fiscal than environmental, Keeney said. As he explained it, the diesel generators on site no longer pass Clean Air Act muster. Repairing them to meet EPA standards will run $800,000. Beyond that, he said, it costs $300,000 a month just to keep the facility open and $500,000 to run it at full capacity for 10 days.

Jointly funded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory and the US Naval Research Laboratory, HAARP is an ionospheric research facility. Its best-known apparatus is its 3.6 MW HF (approximately 3 to 10 MHz) ionospheric research instrument (IRI), feeding an extensive system of 180 gain antennas and used to “excite” sections of the ionosphere. Other onsite equipment is used to evaluate the effects.

Larry Ledlow, N1TX, of Fairbanks, Alaska, said HAARP ionosonde and riometer data have been “invaluable, especially being more or less local, to understand current conditions in the high latitudes.” He said data from other sites “simply do not accurately reflect the unique propagation we endure here.”

To fill the gap, Ledlow said, several members of the Arctic Amateur Radio Club — including Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, author of Radio Science for the Radio Amateur and articles in QST — have discussed building their own instruments. “It’s all very preliminary,” he said, “but we really feel the pinch losing HAARP.” Nichols, of North Pole, Alaska, has conducted experiments at HAARP. He called the shutdown “a great loss to interior Alaska hams and many others.”

The ultra-high power facility long has intrigued hams, even outside of Alaska. In 1997, HAARP transmitted test signals on HF (3.4 MHz and 6.99 MHz) and solicited reports from hams and short-wave listeners in the “Lower 48” to determine how well the HAARP transmissions could be heard to the south. In 2007 HAARP succeeded in bouncing a 40 meter signal off the moon. Earlier this year, HAARP scientists successfully produced a sustained high-density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

As things stand, the Air Force has possession for now, but if no other agency steps forward to take over HAARP, the unique facility will be dismantled, Keeney said. He pointed out that it would cost less to bulldoze the antenna field than it would to replace the 180 antennas.

Splashy web postings abound, blaming HAARP for controlling the weather — most recently in the case of Hurricane Sandy and the spate of tornados — and for causing other natural disasters. Quipped Keeney, “If I actually could affect the weather, I’d keep it open.”

Chemtrails VOTD – VIDEO OF THE DAY Reply

Sun’s Bizarre Loss of Magnetic Flux Linked to Earth’s Collapsing Atmosphere 3

Sun Spot Cycle 24IRISH TIMES

Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age

Latest data shows solar activity has been falling steadily since mid-1940s

Dick Ahlstrom Fri, Jul 12, 2013,

The sun is acting bizarrely and scientists have no idea why. Solar activity is in gradual decline, a change from the norm which in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age.

Three leading solar scientists presented the very latest data about the weakening solar activity at a teleconference yesterday in Boulder, Colorado, organized by the American Astronomical Society.  It featured experts from NASA, the High Altitude Observatory and the National Solar Observatory who described how solar activity, as measured by the formation of sunspots and by massive explosions on the sun’s surface, has been falling steadily since the mid-1940s*** continue

Report 7/14/2013

Required Viewing

Energy From Space 2.0

The Next Ice Age

How to Watch the Sun

Court Orders Monsanto to Pay Victims of Toxic Aircraft Contrails 3

agent orange the last battle-koppers-header

US firms ordered to pay over Agent Orange

From: AAP  July 12, 2013

Chemtrails of Contrails spraying agent orangeSOUTH Korea’s highest court has upheld a ruling ordering two US Agent Orange makers to compensate 39 Vietnam War veterans in one of the country’s most prominent lawsuits.

The Supreme Court recognised the epidemiological correlation between the toxic defoliant and skin diseases for the first time, saying the 39 victims should receive a total of 466 million won ($A454,445) from Dow Chemical and Monsanto.

The veterans had complained that Agent Orange was responsible for skin diseases such as “chemical acne”, which is caused by exposure to dioxin contained in Agent Orange, the court said.

Payment is now up to the US firms, but Dow Chemical said in a statement quoted by Yonhap news agency that it disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision as Friday’s verdict was not backed by clear evidence, citing US court rulings.

The South Korean court also reversed an appeals court verdict that the two firms should compensate thousands of other veterans who claimed to have similarly suffered from exposure to defoliants used during the Vietnam War.

Four-ship formation on a defoliation spray run. (U.S. Air Force photo)

More than 16,000 veterans filed separate lawsuits in 1999 against the US firms, seeking about five trillion won in damages, but a district court ruled against them.

agent_orange-spray_hIn 2006, an appeals court ordered the US firms to pay a total of 63 billion won in compensation to 6795 veterans and their families.

But the Supreme Court, in its ruling on Friday, sent the case back to the appeals court for review.

“There is no evidence their diseases were caused by their exposure to the defoliant sprayed during the Vietnam War,” it said in a statement.

South Korea sent some 300,000 troops to fight alongside the United States and southern Vietnamese forces during the war.

Agent-Orange-Dioxin-GMO-Monsanto-BarrelUS forces widely sprayed Agent Orange, which contained the lethal chemical dioxin, in Vietnam during the conflict to deprive enemy guerillas of forest cover and destroy food crops.

Veterans in South Korea estimate the number of Korean victims of the chemicals at about 150,000. Many insisted they were suffering from various ailments associated with exposure to the powerful herbicide.

Vietnam says millions of its people have died or suffered from direct or second-generation disabilities as a result of the use of Agent Orange.

Washington has never accepted responsibility for the Vietnamese government’s claim.


Message From Resident Victims of EPA Superfund Site –  9/13/2009

koppers dioxin agent orange-gGainesville residents, intended visitors, and those considering residency, please beware.  Our city’s heart is black and polluted.

Since its creation in 1916, for use as a chemical treatment facility for wood products, especially telephone poles and railroad ties using creosote, the officially federally (EPA) registered Cabot-Koppers Superfund (or Brownfields) site has been steadily and cumulatively chemically polluting Gainesville, to the point where this travesty can now no longer be ignored, having become a serious threat to the very future of Gainesville itself as a once pleasant place in which to live, to be educated, and to do business.

Lying just north-west of Downtown, the Cabot-Koppers site is STILL! being licensed by local authorities for the same industrial purpose, but it now uses an even more toxic and carcinogenic “chemical cocktail” known as Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). This mix, used to protect “treated lumber”, is now known to present a major danger to Public Heath throughout the entire USA.

These, and multiple other such pollutants from Koppers, are officially known to be about to pollute the city’s very own water supply – the Murphree Aquifer.  These chemicals also constantly run off into the large Floridan Aquifer via a natural creek system. Moreover, toxic, dioxin-laden dust has only just been officially recognized as being yet another major pollutant, with dire consequences to the health of ALL Gainesville citizens, including students of the University of Florida, which lies a mere 2 miles from the Cabot-Koppers site.


USAF Physician in Charge of Assessing Troop and Civilian Health Damage From Agent Orange

Joel Michalek Air Force Health Study senior principle investigator

Dr. Joel Michalek

Dr. Joel Michalek listens to a reporter’s question during a press briefing on the Ranch Hand Study in the Pentagon on March 29, 2000.

The Ranch Hand Study, titled after the Vietnam operation of the same name, is the result of the 1997 physical examination of 2,300 Vietnam veterans exposed to the defoliant Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Michalek is the U.S. Air Force Health Study senior principle investigator for the study(source)

Banksters Behind Carbon-Centric Environmental Church of Climate Change 1

The Nature Conservancy Mark Tracek header

CO2 and the Ideology of Climate Change: The Forces Behind “Carbon-Centric Environmentalism”
By James F. Tracy
Global Research, July 12, 2013

Close look at 501c3 organizations devoted to Climate change and sustainability largely funded by the elite.  Nature Conservancy led by former Goldman Sachs managing director, Mark Tercek.

On June 25, 2013 President Obama laid out his long term agenda for reducing US industrial and consumer “greenhouse emissions.” On July 11th the Department of Energy warns that “climate change”-related events will be threatening traditional sources of energy production and causing more energy supply disruptions. All the while, the notion that unusual or extreme weather events are primarily due to an excess of atmospheric CO2 and the consequent “greenhouse effect” is arguably based much more on long term economic and political designs than sound science.  *** continue


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    The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is due to release a report in Paris on Friday entitled Climate Change 2007 in which 2,500 scientists from 130 countries unequivocally state that the current trend towards potentially catastrophic global warming has…

(Disinfo) Media Helps Assange and Snowden Protect Israel From Criminal Exposure 9

Assange and Snowden but no 911 confession

Comment:  Late For April’s Fool?   This dubious post comes with only hearsay.   Unbelievably, Snowden is allegedly withholding release of his “alleged” documentation for reasons of  “national security.” (?)

Remember, the media – and sometimes alternative media –  cover these stories as disinformation and distraction. They ignore other stories for the same reason.  Here’s one from PRESSTV:

NSA spying never catches Israelis – Why not? 

“Snowden, like Assange…despite the huge amount of classified material with all the embarrassing things that involved so many countries, neither of them seemed to know anything about the massive Israeli espionage that is carried out all over the world.”

No matter how many whistleblowers are made famous by corpse media, there is never a finger of accusation pointed in the direction of the Mossad or the fascist, Zionist thugs.

More importantly, the role of Israel on the day of the 9/11 attacks is documented and substantial, yet these corpse media-endorsed whistleblowers continue to protect Israel from criticism by failing to report their crimes.

Internet chronicle header

Caution:  This story fails to provide any documentation and the website should be regarded as disinformation

MOSCOWEdward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has (allegedly) come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate.

The shocking truth, as he (allegedly) says, is that chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming.

By cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, US government agents have carefully kept the massive chemtrail efforts completely under wraps.

Snowden (allegedly) added, “I am only revealing this program because there is no oversight in the scientific community, no public discussion, and little concern for the side-effects which are well known only to a few privileged people interested in continuing the decades-long chemtrail program in secret.”  *** more

Weather Warfare Using Chemtrails, HAARP and Secret, Exotic Weapons 3

Kennedy JFK the Weather Modification Chemtrails Header



secretary-of-defense_william s cohen weather warfare

From: “Tom Bearden”
To: “Tony Craddock”
Subject: RE: Info – Some Answers
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001

Dear Mr. Kara,


Tom Bearden, PhD.

On April 28, 1997 U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen made the following statement:

“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

Note that the Secretary did not speak the words in square blocks; these were added by the writers later, probably to “soften the tone” of the Secretary’s information release.  So the Secretary confirmed that some nations of the world — not just some ragged terrorists, as the writers tried to imply for spin control — do possess novel electromagnetic weapons and are using them to induce earthquakes, engineer the weather and climate, and trigger volcanic eruptions.

In the case of Turkey, the quake might have been just another target practice shot by the KGB/Russians.  In Russia, these weapons are totally under the control of the KGB, including research, development, manufacturing, deployment, and manning and firing the weapons.  The weapons are not in the conventional Russian armed forces at all.

The weapons referred to by Secretary Cohen are longitudinal EM wave interferometers (LWIs).  Longitudinal EM waves easily travel through the ocean and earth with very little loss.  In a distant interference zone, there appears real EM energy again, of the kind we have in our textbooks.  However, the energy arises from spacetime itself in the interference zone, as proven by M.W. Evans, P.K. Anastasovski, T.E. Bearden et al., “On Whittaker’s Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry,” Journal of New Energy, 4(3), Winter 1999, p. 76-78.  (That entire issue of JNE contains some 60 papers by the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS), dealing with the kind of higher symmetry electrodynamics needed to understand such weapons).

Though tested in prototype in the 1950s, the first strategic LWIs were deployed in Russia in April 1963, and were used to kill the U.S.S. Thresher nuclear attack submarine, underwater off the East coast of the United States, in April 1963.  The signatures of the kill are 100% decisive.  One day later, the same weapon placed an enormous electromagnetic burst (explosion) deep underwater, 100 miles north of Puerto Rico.  From the surface of the ocean there arose a giant cone of water, rising a half mile into the air, turning into a mushroom, and falling back into the sea.  This was the second test of the new Russian strategic LWIs, under KGB control.  By this test and the fact that the West did not even recognize what killed the Thresher, Khrushchev managed to stay in power another two years or so, after his Cuban Crisis fiasco where he lost face in front of the entire world.

World-wide weather engineering started in earnest by the Russians on July 4, 1976 — as a quirky sense of humor and “bicentennial gift” to the United States.

The weapons have been used to shoot down aircraft, etc. worldwide also, mostly as tests, and have also destroyed ICBMs shortly after launch.

So while I cannot say for sure what generated the quake you spoke of, it easily could have been done by the KGB or by their protégées (a powerful and very wealthy rogue Japanese group, consisting of the Yakuza and the Aum Shinrikyo).  At the end of 1989, the KGB/Russians — who had developed even more powerful weapons — leased many of their on-site earlier LWIs to a rogue Japanese group comprised of Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo.  Since then, weather control and engineering, and shoot-down of missiles and aircraft, have largely been done by this rogue group, under the close control of the KGB.  Aircraft shot down included the TWA-800, e.g. and others.

The world is actually a secretly armed camp, armed to the teeth with unpublicized highly secret weapons, waiting to explode like a powderkeg at the touch of a match.  These developments have eluded most of the scientific communities of the Earth (who are still mostly using a decrepit, hoary old U(1) electromagnetics theory put together in 1864, which is totally a material fluid flow theory and riddled with known errors, omissions, and curtailments).  The developments over several decades also completely eluded the news media of the world, who are more concerned these days with yellow journalism than probing and investigating news.  As an example, not a single news agency even reacted to the astounding revelation of Secretary Cohen, which merely shows how well the news media have brainwashed themselves with their own “formula news” and propaganda.

Presently, the world energy crisis — and particularly the “cheap oil” part of it — is being deliberately engineered from behind the scenes to escalate and place ever-increasing financial burdens on nations of the world.  The plan is that the world economy is to be strained to the breaking point, so that it will begin seriously collapsing about 2008.  A year or so before that (and perhaps even sooner), the despairing nations with their economies crumbling will be in increasingly great conflicts. This is rather like many independent and clashing servomechanisms, with the gain on their amplifiers being ever increased. Simple servo analysis shows such a system self-destructs because its conflict rises asymptotically to quick destruction.

In short, the nations of the world will unleash all the weapons of mass destruction in their arsenals; the only “defense” a nation has in the era of such mass weapons is to strike fast and with all its might, to destroy its perceived enemies before they destroy it.  Years ago, all our strategic studies — back when we did them honestly and not for political correctness — clearly showed this “spasm response” by nations in total desperation; there was no other way out for any nation, once the WMD weapon arsenals start being used seriously.  There is an immediate explosion that destroys civilization and contaminates much of the biosphere.  The “High Cabal” (Winston’s Churchill’s name for that secretive group of financiers and loose cartels behind the several hundred interlocking corporations, etc. worldwide) wishes to remove about three-quarters of the population of the earth, as the “solution” to the “overpopulation” problem.  They plan to escalate the energy crisis until it initiates the desired Armageddon for them. This plan has not changed since Bertrand Russell, one of their darlings because of his “logical positivism” (materialism by another name), made this astounding statement”

“At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued throughout each of the world wars… War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect… but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effective. If a Black Death could spread through the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. The state of affairs might be unpleasant, but what of it?” [Bertrand Russell, philosophical spokesman for a group of Westerners, in his Impact of Science on Society.]

If you will refer to Laurie Garrett’s “The Nightmare of Bioterrorism,” Foreign Affairs, 80(1), Jan./Feb. 2001, on p. xx you will find the following quotation:

Were a terrorist to disperse the smallpox virus, for example, populations that were once universally vaccinated would now be horribly vulnerable. Today the U.S. government stows only about 15.4 million doses of the smallpox vaccine—enough for less than seven percent of the American population. The World Health Organization (WHO) keeps another 500,000 doses in the Netherlands, and other national stockpiles total about 60 million more doses of varying quality and potency. If the smallpox virus were released today, the majority of the world’s population would be defenseless, and given the virus’ 30 percent kill rate, nearly two billion people would die.”

The Russians/KGB also are using other weapons to “thin” the immune systems of the population of targeted areas, so that the 30% kill rate rises to 50% or more.  And Russian secret BW labs also perfected additional strains of smallpox — which were clandestinely sold to some nations not very nice at all, for terrorists’ use.  These strains are invulnerable to all present smallpox vaccines.

What is being prepared worldwide is a “mix” of all sorts of weapons and attacks — everything from terrorists armed with incredibly developed pathogens and already inserted in various nations, etc. — worldwide.  Every major nation is also already “seeded” with clandestine nuclear weapons placed in its large cities, ready to annihilate them.  E.g., the highest ranking GRU defector to the U.S. is Lunev.  In his book (passed by the CIA), Lunev even tells some of the ways that the Russians secretly brought such nuclear weapons into the United States, easily.  Quoting Stanislov Lunev and Ira Winkler, Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Russia’s Highest Ranking Military Defector Reveals Why Russia Is More Dangerous Than Ever, Regnery, Washington, D.C., 1998, p. 22:

“Though most Americans don’t realize it, America is already penetrated by Russian military intelligence to the extent that arms caches lie in wait for use by Russian special forces — or Spetznatz.”  Quoting p. 26: 

Quoting p. 26:

“It is surprisingly easy to smuggle nuclear weapons into the United States. A commonly used method is for a Russian airplane to fly across the ocean on a typical reconnaissance flight. The planes will be tracked by U.S. radar, but that’s not a problem. When there are no other aircraft in visual range, the Russian airplane will launch a small, high-tech, stealth transport missile that can slip undetected into remote areas of the country. The missiles are retrieved by GRU operatives. Another way to get a weapon into the country is to have an ‘oceanographic research’ submarine deliver the device—accompanied by GRU specialists—to a remote section of coastline. Nuclear devices can also be slipped across the Mexican or Canadian borders. It is easy to get a bomb to Cuba and from there transport it to Mexico. Usually the devices are carried by a Russian intelligence officer or a trusted agent.”

Quoting p. 30:

“Other instruments of destruction the Russians have had success with are seismic weapons. Spitac and other small towns in the Transcaucasus Mountains were almost destroyed during a seismic weapons test that set off an earthquake. This would have obvious applications on America’s west coast and other areas of the world prone to earthquakes.”

As you can see from the latter quotation, Lunev was actually referring to the LWIs and their use to initiate earthquakes, precisely what Secretary Cohen confirmed in 1997.  Again, the news media are completely asleep.

Those planning the self-destruction of civilization about 2007, also appear to have lots of help from the quarreling nations themselves.  The nations of the earth are so beset by petty quarrels (Arab against Jew, Jew against Arab, Saddam Hussein thirsting to disrupt and control the MidEast and much of the oil supply, one group against another) and so blinded by these “local” bloodthirsty concerns and so intent on killing one another that they become willing pawns and tools for manipulation upon the grand chessboard, not even realizing they are serving the ends of hidden game-players manipulating them as silly pawns.

At any rate, as a single citizen without great resources, all I can do is point these things out, and also work intensively on trying to solve or partially solve the energy crisis.  On this latter we have made excellent progress in the last 30 years.  Our technical understanding now is such that well-funded research can quickly break out into production of self-powering electrical power systems, easily manufactured, to replace the present incredibly wasteful power systems which in effect have us all by the throat (as California has just shown).  Make no mistake, the rising energy needs and oil needs in Asia alone will reach the level of the energy needs of today’s United States, about 7-10 years from now. The day of “cheap oil” is ended, and the world will never be the same again. The economic collapse is coming this decade, unless this energy crisis is quickly and permanently solved.

The same hidden folks engineering the destruction of civilization have also engineered its plundering during the interim period while Armageddon is being prepared by the nations themselves.  The globulists successfully passed great treaties (such as NAFTA, GATT, etc.) which meant that the manufacturing jobs are now being exported to those “emerging” nations (read: cheap slave labor nations) where workers have no rights, there are no pollution laws, politicians are bought for a song, etc.  It is almost a return to a special kind of feudalism.  So some two trillion dollars per year are to be extracted off the backs of those poor nations (slave laborers), and from the oil, etc.  At Kyoto, they successfully fooled the environmentalists (who are extraordinarily naive about science) and got exemption for 160 nations — the very nations being used to play a major role in extracting the two trillion dollars per year from the economy of the world.

But we have the answer to the energy crisis, and it can be solved forever, once any nation commits sufficient scientific resources to do the rest of the research and development.  We are placing information on the solution on our website,, as fast as we can.  We are also trying to obtain substantial financing to go into intensive research and development on our own inventions in this field.  There are other inventions by other inventors and scientists that can also take and use energy from the vacuum, and we strongly hope that every legitimate researcher succeeds in getting units onto the world market and helping to solve the energy crisis in time.

The energy crisis part of it can be solved completely in two years, if we can get the conventional scientific community uprooted from its terrible fascination with a horrible old electrodynamics riddled with errors, that absolutely excludes and does not  even model the active vacuum interaction with every system.  Generators and batteries in fact do not power their attached circuits anyway, but just make dipoles.  The dipole — as is very well-known in particle physics — extracts energy from the vacuum, transforms it into usable, real EM energy, and pours out that energy in all directions, freely and indefinitely so long as the dipole exists.  So the real problem is in the terrible “mindset” of the energy scientists and engineers.  But real production electrical power systems have to be rolling off the assembly lines en masse no later than first quarter 2004, in spite of that mindset, or it is all over for civilization anyway.

We will continue to do everything  we can to assist in meeting that “point of no return” in first quarter 2004.  If that deadline is missed, humanity goes right down the tube to its destruction.  The MidEast, e.g., is on the very brink of war right now, and if it explodes, it will also involve all the developed nations, with WMD strikes occurring right in their large population centers.  In the U.S., e.g., we could wake up one morning and have 20 million Americans dying of anthrax, smallpox, etc. right in the streets.

Meanwhile, some nations such as the KGB/Russia along with their Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo protégés are maneuvering in the shadows, continually attempting to arrange a great strategic strike that will devastate the entire West and its allies.  That continues; we have narrowly avoided such strikes several times since January 1997.

Only time will tell how it all comes out.  Just now the good guys are not doing very well, content in a complacent electrodynamics science obsolete after 136 years, and the bad guys are very far ahead.  We hope to see that change very rapidly.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope this sheds some light in answer to your question,

Tom Bearden, Ph.D., LTC U.S. Army (Retired)

—–Original Message—–
From: A.J. Craddock
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I have questions marks in my head I was wondering if you can help me to clear them up. Its about earthquake  took place in Turkey on 17 August 1999 and I’m aware of the Tesla doomsday device. Before the earthquake there was some strange effects such as sky lit up like daylight and the people saw From  Golcuk to Avcilar and that area they described as a fire ball . Now some investigator believe these electrical effects were associated with electromagnetic plasma and ball lighting and the strange array of flashes which result from Tesla-style technology… I know that you do have information regards to this issue I’m asking your help….Please do help

Thank you in advance

A.G. Kara

Woodstock Age of Aquarius Undermined by Military Cloud Seeding 1


At about 1:29 through the documentary two rain-drenched concert-goers approched the videographer to say:

Male 1: “I got somethin’ to say, I want to know why the fascist pigs have been seeding the clouds?”

Male 2: “for the last hour and a half.”

Male 1: “Planes are going over-head twice, with all the smoke coming out of them, seeding the clouds.  And I want to know why that stuff is going down man and why doesn’t the media report that stuff to the people, man” ?

Videographer :  “What?”

Male 1:  “I’m tellin’ ya what happened, the planes are going overhead the last hour and a half”

Male 2:  “Yeah planes of ‘unknown origin’ were seeding the clouds over the area and then the rain fell”


Clip from documentary:

“By Wednesday, August 13, some 60,000 people had already arrived and set up camp. On Friday, the roads were so clogged with cars that performing artists had to arrive by helicopter. Though over 100,000 tickets were sold prior to the festival weekend, they became unnecessary as swarms of people descended on the concert grounds to take part in this historic and peaceful happening. Four days of music… half a million people… rain, and the rest is history. ”  source (

More:  Accuweather on Woodstock weather

Chemtrail Plasma Produces Bizarre Pseudo-Aurora in Halifax Sky Reply

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Jul-5-2013  – Originally uploaded at LIVELEAKS by Baconpancakes , Halifax, Canada


Edited for Slow Motion and Educational Purposes

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Video of unusual cloud activity gives rise to online UFO speculation

By Gregg Morgan  10 Jul 2013
Footage taken of a cloud behaving most unusually has gone viral online, and prompted speculation as to what, or who, may have caused the phenomenon.

Since being uploaded on a video sharing website this week, the short clip has been viewed over 350,000 times.

It shows a cloud behaving erratically, shifting at uncommon speed as it appears to be struck by a shaft of light.

Various theories have been cast around online as to the cause of the dancing cloud, ranging from the paranoid to the scientific.

Unidentified flying objects and the US military’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) have both attracted proponents.

Chemtrails: Aluminum or Monatomic Gold? 3

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ORMEs, an acronym for “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements” are “monatomic elements”, also called “ORMUS elements” or “m-state elements, are atoms which comprise a substance in which its atoms are not bound to each other (called a monatomic state). They constitute a newly discovered form of “exotic” matter with entirely different physical properties from normal elements. They are thought to produce incredible physical and mental health benefits when ingested and are already on the consumer product market.  Monatomic gold is believed to have been eaten by the ancient Egyptians and was depicted to be a food of the gods which would assist the Egyptians in unlocking their innate mental and spiritual abilities.  The discovery of monatomic elements has so far received little mainstream attention, but is expected to become an important subject in the future.  Some have even said that this discovery may constitute the uncovering of the esoteric “Philosopher’s Stone” of enlightenment. (source)



Comment 7/12/2013:   On 7/9/2013, AP financial news on ALCOA suggested the demand for aluminum has fallen regardless the impression that chemtrails and chem-dumps continue unabated:     This is consistent with the story that covert geoengineerng,  military and NATO operations are moving away from aluminum as a primary ingredient in aerosols dumps and chemtrails. —   HWS

By Rich Buckley

Response to the post “The Secret Space War – Beyond Black National Security”

Rich Buckley MugThe Air Force Owning the Weather in 2025 (Chemtrails) is reported to be making a huge strategic change in the chemicals being dropped on us from Aluminium based aerosols to mono-atomic gold (aka monatomic). Briefly, what this massive geoengineering experimental weapons science project is about to create has far greater consequences than even the Air Force may realize. I’m suddenly enthused.

David Hudson, a little farmer out west  tumbled on monatomic gold processed on his farm, when trying to figure out how to enhance his soil productivity, about 20 years ago. Monatomic Gold properties are most unusual. The difficulty of working with monatomic gold is to properly identify the powdery white substance to begin with. It’s spectral analysis (according to Hudson) reads like silicate aluminum and silicate aluminum ingested by humans in the quantities needed for the gold to reach a state of super conducting, flux-flow coherence, would be fatal.

The Air Force for the past two decades has been dumping toxic hydrolized aluminum oxide into our atmosphere in a complex science-art of weather manipulation and advanced weapons systems (Chemtrails and HAARP) and are now changing to dumping gold in its monatomic state. I have no idea what wisdom prompts the powers that be to move into dumping monatomic gold but the results could be profound evolution of the human specie.

David Hudson has been outside the US and field testing his theories in South East Asia for the past 12 years. Most importantly monatomic gold is a super conductor at room temperature, i.e., it super conducts at body temperature. Other than possibly silver, which Hudson has not analysed, monatomic gold ingested by humans, according to David’s field research, eventually reaches critical mass in the human body at which time the individual atoms of gold suddenly, all at once, all align themselves into a super conducting coherence pattern throughout the human body including our brain and begins to flux flow in a Meisner Field. Once this state of coherence is reached in the human body, according the Hudson, we are physically transformed.

What this means is that each human reaching critical mass should no longer require food, not because we are dead, but because we are super-conducting and charging our bio-electric network and nervous system needs directly from the Earth’s natural power grid. The consequences range far beyond a foodless state of being.

Dave Hudson’s theory from his field research is simple: when the monatomic gold commences superconducting, the gold mass itself is directly existing in two planes, our physical 3-dimensional plane of space-time that we experience in normal awake-state life,  and simultaneously in a higher dimensional plane of time-space, or the Akashic plane. You won’t believe the range of effects David reports from his field investigative research.

Access to the Akashic plane is beyond description. Some adepts who have reported entering the Akashic in deep meditation say all knowledge is available to the seeker for its mere asking. Think the question and the answer is already there in your mind. The closest most of us get to this state is perhaps in deep sleep, and then we usually do not realize anything unusual has occurred unless we happen to study lucid dreaming.

In our culture we would call this state of flux flow coherence-experience as “speaking directly to God,” and not hallucinating. In other ancient cultures predating even the Hammurabi Code, going back to the earliest records found in Egyptian tombs, monatomic gold is inscribed in hieroglyphics translated as “Manna”, “Food of the Gods”,”What Then Is It?” “Semen of the Father in Heaven”, “Golden Tear From The Eye of Horus”, “That Which Issues >From The Mouth of The Creator,” as a various ancient text clinical descriptions of its hydrolyzed form — a white liquid substance, not gold in color.

Here’s the catch. It not only makes angels but devils as well. According to David’s theories (see his linked video) when entering this new state of coherence, we create life spans of 900+- years like those reported in our Biblical texts before The Flood. It’s a state modern researchers call “living off the grid.” It’s reported in more than one video by researchers as going on all over the world in test labs for confirmation. While all this may sound good, the downside according to Hudson is we create demons as well as angels in the process. What a story Hudson tells!

Many months ago, when I jokingly posted the random comment online, something like “Gee, if we have to be sprayed with chemicals why not make it monatomic gold?” It was intended to be a joke based on a summary of most of my recreational scientific and non-scientific reading materials over the past few years of private reading. I received a most unusual and cold feeling email from an anonymous inquirer wanting to know (demanding really) where that idea came from and why? I never answered him then, but perhaps this  blog does provide the answer.

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Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering – Aug 25, 2013 – Be Th(AIR) 5

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