Retired Florida Cop Fires Gun, Makes ISIS Comment Then Found Dead 1


Earl Jackson - ShooterThe alleged shooter who reportedly made comments about the ISIS terrorist group is identified as Earl Jackson, a retired, 59 yo law enforcement officer from Dade County, Fl.

Mr. Jackson appears well-liked by his friends on social media.

News coverage of this event has taken many evasive turns with confusing and contradictory comments by officials and the media.

Likely sparked by Mr Jackson’s alleged ISIS comments, this next video reveals how a terrorist event can cause a massive distraction to law enforcement from two counties including the Marion County Sheriff and Ocala police department in addition to their counterpart agencies in Alachua County.  Both Counties are in possession of  THE ROOK – an advanced SWAT team vehicle intended to rapidly defuse these situations with a minimum of casualties and loss of life – including Mr. Jackson, a shooter with possible mental health issue.  But for some reason, the take-down of this Mr Jackson took over 5 hours and failed to demonstrate the ROOK, The Bearcat or the MRAP were effective at quickly dealing with a lone shooter who was armed with only a single handgun.

Despite the excessive swarm of agencies from two counties, Mr. Jackson was not rescued for treatment for mental health issues.   Instead, it turned out, Mr. Jackson was the only person who was shot and ultimately killed in the prolonged, 5 hour agony of events.

Meanwhile, hundreds of I-75 motorists were sitting duck targets to a shooter lost in the woods for 5 hours without food, water and bathrooms. The life-threatening heat exceeded 100 deg F.  The risk of heat stroke escalated when many drivers were ultimately  required to turn their engines off to save fuel.


The next video shows Marion County Sheriff and City of Ocala police converging to the scene.  The shooters car is a white, 4-door utility vehicle.  Law enforcement appears to be searching Jackson’s car for explosives, weapons and evidence.

It’s not clear why an armored ROOK from Marion County was deployed to the scene in Alachua County when both Sheriff agencies are in possession of this Swat armored vehicle technology.

Alachua Sheriff ROOK and Bearcat armored vehicles

Bob Tuskin Investigative Report

BOBTUSKIN.COM  Investigative researcher and talk-show host, Bob Tuskin attempted to uncover inconsistencies in the “official story” concerning an alleged lone-nut shooting on I-75 in Alachua County, Fl.

The massive multi-agency response to what began as little more than a “discharge of firearm” incident appeared to be excessive. To Bob, the event appeared to look more like a pre-planned exercise until he discovered that Mr. Jackson was making comments about ISIS. The report of ISIS comments appeared early on WCJB but was not repeated in further updates throughout the day. In fact, the ISIS comment that appeared early on WCJB was deleted with an updated news item forwarded from the old webpage url.

WCJB posted a report that established they had early information from officials in the field that the shooter was allegedly making “terrorist statements about “ISIS”.  The massive call-out of law enforcement from Alachua and Marion counties was undoubtedly due to the threat of an ISIS attack, rather than a more likely incident involving a black, retired police officer with mental health issues, firing random shots in the woods.

The Miami Herald reported that is was a Marion County Sheriff deputy who exchanged gunfire with Mr. Jackson.

“Marion County deployed a vehicle called a Rook, a small, enclosed, one-man vehicle that assists SWAT and can trek through the woods.  Finally, Jackson was spotted by a Marion County deputy. Then gunfire was exchanged, according to the report. Jackson was killed at about 1:30 p.m. Marion County Sheriff’s Capt. Jimmy Polk said one of his deputies was “involved in the incident.” But he didn’t go into detail, and wouldn’t say if the officer had fired a weapon.”

WCJB Man who shot at FHP trooper caughtWebcache article link    PDF

The WCJB news item above was removed from the website and replaced with an updated report with no mention of the ISIS threat, reporting “Man who shot at FHP trooper now dead”


We know that a few bad cops can be dangerous any time but PIO Art Forgey implies that Mr Jackson, who fired a handgun 3 times without striking anyone, requires a two County, multi-agency call-out because,

“with that type of training made him an extra dangerous person”. 

In this next video from two days later (7/27) WCJB finally provides full disclosure on the ISIS comments.  It’s also evident that Sheriff, Sadie Darnell, correctly called this more as a mental health issue than an “active shooter”.

WCJB GAINESVILLE, Fla. 7/27/2015:   Federal investigators are looking into 59-year-old Earl Jackson’s possible association to a terrorist group after a shootout with law enforcement officers.

I-75 was shut down for hours and traffic backed up for miles Saturday, as law enforcement officers from across North Central Florida located and confronted Jackson.

“When deputies confronted him in the woods he made some statements and called the name ISIS,” ASO spokesperson Art Forgey explained Monday.

An explosive detection K-9 team was called on scene to check Jackson’s vehicle that was still along the interstate.

“With those comments we’re very careful and leads us to believe there’s possibly explosives — that’s been the method of operation for ISIS in the past,” Forgey adds.

Forgey did not specify what those comments exactly were.

K-9 deputies found a lock box in his trunk with a firearm.

Law enforcement officials say Jackson was a former correctional officer from Miami.

# # #

Video submitted to the Alachua Post by an alert motorist on 7/25 shows vehicles from several agencies but no sign of the alleged shooter’s car is evident in this on-scene clip.

The deceased man is identified as 59 yo Miami resident, Earl Jackson. (Source)

“Authorities told The Gainesville Sun that a body with a gunshot wound was found Saturday afternoon a few hundred yards from the highway.

Sgt. Tracy Hisler-Pace of Florida Highway Patrol said the trooper was not injured.

Friends and family members said Jackson was a former Florida corrections officer.” (Source)

Two interesting comments beneath the report submitted by Cindy Swirko on July 25 for the Gainesville Sun allege they knew Mr. Jackson. One comment by Jane Washington-White suggested Mr. Jackson had mental health issues.

See Article and comments (PDF)

I-75 Shooter Comments Gainesville Sun

Looking back at the evening report on the day of the incident below, it’s clear that TV20 avoided reporting Jackson’s ISIS comments consistent with their retraction of the “ISIS comments” news report from earlier in the day.  Instead of using Jackson’s ISIS comments as the basis for the massive call-out of force, it was blamed on Mr. Jackson’s experience as a law enforcement officer that made him an “extra dangerous person”.

WCJB TV20 LogoWCJB – July 25:  Traffic on Interstate 75 was delayed for miles as lanes were blocked by law enforcement working to catch a man who shot at a state trooper, causing a massive manhunt that slowed things down for motorists in North Central Florda.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the search for the man, who was described by Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies as mentally unstable.

That man was firing shots throughout the day before he was finally taken down.

The manhunt caused bumper to bumper traffic in both directions after law enforcement shut down the area near I-75 closest to Paynes Prairie in Micanopy all the way up to the Williston Road exit in Gainesville.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say they received a call from a state trooper at around 8:30 this morning while he was inspecting a disabled vehicle near Exit 376 on I-75.

The trooper said he found a man lying near the forest line and approached him to see if he was alright.

That’s when he noticed he had a gun.

“At that point in time, the trooper was seeking cover and attempting to get the person to drop their weapon. The person stood up and entered the woodline. The trooper then was going to back to his unit and of course was going to call this in, and and he heard three distinct gunshot noises,” said Sargeant Tracey Hissler-Pace of Florida Highway Patrol.

FHP called out to multiple law enforcement agencies for assistance.

Officials say that it was a joint effort between multiple law enforcement agencies to conduct the search, noting it was a serious situation because of the suspect’s unknown mental state.

“We don’t know what his state of mind his. He has fired random shots over a period of time. So, it’s not a rapid fire situation where there’s an intended target that we, of which we know, but we are very concerned about this,” says Sheriff Sadie Darnell of Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

The search shut down I-75 for hours both northbound and southbound.

Travelers from both in and out of the state say this is something they weren’t anticipating in their travel plans.

“We thought it was, like, a wreck or something like that. We didn’t think that something this serious was going on,” said Shelby Lawson, who was traveling back to her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio from a vacation in South Florida.

Ultimately, a joint effort between Alachua County and Marion County Sheriff’s Offices took the suspect down.

According to ASO, a rook, or an armed critical incident vehicle, was used to pin the suspect down once he was found.

Rooks have been criticized in the past for being too “heavy-duty” for local law enforcement and police stations.

Officials say gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and law enforcement officers.

The suspect threatened officers and then shot at them first before the gunfire was exchanged.

That susect is now dead, and although officials haven’t specified how it happened, they felt they did their job to protect the public.

“Put yourself in the situation of this trooper doing his job this morning stopping to assist a disabled vehicle, approaches that vehicle, and then is confronted with somebody with a gun, and he’s just doing his job trying to make sure that citizen is getting the service that they need and being safe. But, that trooper was threatened, and our folks have been threatened, and we’re going to do what’s necessary to keep our people safe and the public safe,” Sheriff Darnell said.

This is currently an open and ongoing investigation being conducted by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

The only identification of the suspect that TV20 has been provided with is that he was a black male.

FHP is also not releasing the name of the trooper involved until the investigation is complete.

I-75 is now fully open and operational for both north and southbound lanes.

Traffic is no longer being diverted to US Highway 441.

We will have more updates as the investigation continues.


Exercise Demonstration of THE ROOK in Alachua County Goes Live to Lake City

Near the end of this video you will see an incident where Alachua County Sheriff deployed the ROOK in an exercise. The exercise went live when a call for services came in from a Lake City requesting help with an armed barricade situation (SUN)

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Maylasia MH-17 or MH-370

Of interest is a photo of the starboard section of the alleged Boeing-777-200 with tail number 9M-MRD assigned to fly route MH-17.

Coconuts TV Reorts:

“Michael Holmes of CNN shared an image on Twitter via his account @holmescnn of a section of what appears to be a Malaysia Airlines jetliner on a grassy field. The Malaysian flag is clearly depicted and the red and blue livery colours used by MAS are also shown.”

The source of the images, a man identifying himself as a tourist guide / traveller / photographer / former soldier from Slovenia, @MatevzNovak, has since posted more photos – taken by a Nadezhda Chernetskaya – of what he claims to be the crash site of Flight MH17 in Grabovo, Ukraine. (TRNS)

MH17-starboard-Crash Scene- 2 panels

Photo taken at the crash site is evidence that aircraft designated as Flight MH-17 was not involved in the missile shoot-down.

The window configuration in the crash site does not match the Boeing-777-200 aircraft reported to be flying as MH-17 (9M-MRD). Instead the starboard fuselage section in the photograph more closely matches Flight MH-370 – the aircraft that is now known to be hijacked without a trace – until, perhaps now. header

9M-MRO High Resolution Photos

9M-MRO (cn 28420/404) My last pic of Malaysia Airlines 9M-MRO into Melbourne 4th Jan 2014. My deepest thoughts and condolences to those who had loved ones on board MH370.

Jan 14,2014 – 9M-MRO Hijacked as MH-370

1- 9M-MRO Hijacked as MH-370

2- 9M-MRO Hijacked as MH-370

3- 9M-MRO Hijacked as MH-370

9M-MRD High Resolution Photos

1- 9M-MRD Allegedly Shot Down as MH-17

2- 9M-MRD Allegedly Shot Down as MH-17

3- 9M-MRD Allegedly Shot Down as MH-17





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Disloyal Americans Held as Prisoners of War?

Update: Wesley Clark’s deep connection to his family’s Jewish heritage likely triggered the general’s anti-American remarks. Raised a Southern Baptist who later converted to Roman Catholicism, Gen. Wesley Clark knew just what to say when he strode into a Brooklyn yeshiva in 1999, ostensibly to discuss his leadership of NATO’s victory in Yugoslavia.

“I feel a tremendous amount in common with you,” the uniformed four-star general told the stunned roomful of students.

“I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son — at least five generations, and they were all rabbis.

The incident could be a signal of how Clark, who became the 10th contender in the Democratic run for the presidency on Wednesday, relates to the Jews and the issues dear to them.

Apparently Clark, 58, revels in his Jewish roots.

He told The Jewish Week in New York, which first reported the yeshiva comment in 1999, that his ancestors were not just Jews, but members of the priestly caste of Kohens.  ContinuePDF

Fema Camps Dees

In an interview with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts in the wake of the mass shooting in Chatanooga, Tennessee, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Democratic candidate for president in 2008 Wesley Clark said that during World War II,


“We’ve got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized. We’ve got to cut this off at the beginning.”

“I do think on a national policy level we need to look at what self-radicalization means because we are at war with this group of terrorists. They do have an ideology.  In WWII, if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put them in a camp, they were prisoners of war.  So, If these people are radicalized and don’t support the United States, and they’re disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principal – fine, that’s their right.  It’s our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict, and I think we’re going to have to increasingly get tough on this – not only in the United states but our allied nations like Britton and Germany and France – are going to have to look at their domestic law procedures.”


Clark forgot the United States has denounced the WWII internment of US citizens of Japanese decent. In 1988, Congress apologized for the action by awarding survivors $20,000 each for the unlawful violation of their Civil liberties.

Clark forgot that US corporations and the Bush Crime family backed Hitler’s NAZI regime with poison gas, military equipment and much more.

Halliburton Fracking Procedure Pumps Nuclear Waste Underground 3

Halliburton BP OIl Spill Header

San Antonio Express/News — Sunday, May 3, 1964. Page 11H

7/20/2015: Transcribed media version to searchable text.

Oilmen help Dispose of Radioactive Waste-3Two techniques originated by the petroleum industry for its own uses are expected to solve a major problem in the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The problem is the disposal of dangerous, sometime deadly, radioactive waste by-products.

Researchers at Halliburton Company’s Technical Center here, working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have combined the oil well cementing technique with the hydraulic fracturing production stimulation technique to entomb radioactive wastes in an impermeable shale formation a thousand feet underground.

Final test series of the new disposal method is being completed this month at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The method used at Oak Ridge begins by mixing the waste with a cement slurry, pumping the mixture down a hole drilled in the Conasuaga shale and then fracturing the shale to create a horizontal crack. The crack fills with the mixture to form a thin, horizontal sheet several hundred feet across. The mix sets to permanently hold the radioactive waste in the formation.

Subsequent injections form parallel sheets 10 to 20 feet above the preceding injection. Extensive experimental runs and test borings using radioactive tracers have confirmed location and extent of the sheets.

This approach combines conventional oil well cementing, which places a sheath of cement between the pipe and the hole itself as a protective measure, and formation fracturing, which fractures or cracks open a productive formation to permit more oil to be produced.

Union Carbide Corporation which operates facilities at Oak Ridge for the U.S. Atomic energy Commission, and Halliburton, which provides specialized oil field services such as cementing and fracturing worldwide, have collaborated on the project since 1960.

Oak Ridge has a radioactive waste disposal problem typical of the nation’s nuclear sites. Each year about four million gallons of waste, including the fission products as strontium 90, cesium 137 and ruthenium 103, are generated at Oak Ridge.

Among the disposal methods already tried have been dumping concrete-encased barrels of waste in the ocean or burying the waste in lead-lined containers. These are considered either to dangerous, too expensive or both.

A key part of the new method is an unusual cementing slurry developed by Halliburton. It is low in cost, it retains the radioactive constituents present in the waste and remains fluid for as long as 48 hours before setting to thus permit injection of large quantities of waste.

The mixing and pumping equipment used at Oak Ridge are similar to Halliburton’s oil field units except that they have been demounted and remotely controlled for protection against radiation.

“If this process is successful for disposal of Oak Ridge National Laboratory intermediate-level wastes, it has potential application at other Atomic Energy sites where suitable geological conditions exist,” the Atomic energy Commission says.


In 1965, the Youngstown Vindicator published an AP article covering the Oak Ridge story but gave no credit to Halliburton for developing the fracking procedure to sore nuclear waste. This story, however added that “fly ash” was one of the Halliburton “additives”.

 Pump Radiation Waste Into Shale Formations - Fly Ash - Youngstown Vindicator 1965

Halliburton Fracking to Dispose of Radioactive Waste -1964 (PDF)

JADE HELM: MKUltra, Artificial Mood and Mind-Reading by Remote Control 4

Jade Helm LogoRaytheon’s Jade 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) super computer network uses social media, drones, robotics and non-human enforcement to control and potentially assassinate American dissidents and patriots who continue to be loyal to the – corporately obsolete – US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The implications of this New World Order TPP Global Corporatismcorporatist nightmare of Geospacial Intelligence networking are far-reaching and include implementation of programs like the recently passed TPP trade agreement where your choice to consume organic food and avoid dangerous Monsanto pesticides and GMO’s could disappear.

National sovereignty, liberty and human rights will be obliterated as JADE is used to enable unconstitutional activities and lock-down public resistance for the greater good using automated devices that require a minimum of human intervention.

The following LEVEL9NEWS Videos represent posts dealing with Raytheon’s JADE 2 artificial intelligence networking where the objective is the Orwellian global control of what they call “The Human Domain”.

July 18 – LEVEL9NEWS Special report on MKUltra by remote control, artificial telepathy and advanced neural interfaces compatible with JADE 2 artificial intelligence. No need for FEMA camps when everyone becomes a network node to be monitored and controlled by external “brain-hacking” with no need for barbed wire. You will be amazed at what these aliens can do.

Patented technologies reveal the psychopaths are pushing for global governance using a wireless, neural network to Master the Human Domain. This report outlines tested and patented mind-control and potential MKUltra procedures ready to be integrated with artificial intelligence programs like JADE 2.


April 22 – JADE HELM: “MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN” – 1033 Program and Executive Order 13684

According to SOCOM, THIS EXERCISE IS SCHEDULED TO END ON SEPTEMBER 11th, not the 15th as being reported. Coincidence?

Jade Helm appears to be an integral part of Obama’s executive order 13684, 21st Century Policing, in conjunction with his 1033 Program which were both quietly signed recently with virtually no MSM coverage or fanfare.

We’ve seen all too often how the road to hell is often paved with what appear to be, on the surface, good intentions.
It is important to watch the entire video to understand the USAWC’s war tactic, “Mastering the Human Domain – No Turning Back” and how this ties into Obama’s XO 13684 and the 1033 Program.


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Published on May 16, 2015 – RISE OF THE MACHINE

“JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system.

In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.


May 29 – Geospacial Intelligence Network (GeoINT) will be “Mastering the Human Domain” – New World Order Technocracy Designed to Cast A Neural Net On Humanity – No RFID Chips are required.

The concept of humanity being managed and enslaved by an elite technocratic society is no longer a future vision.

The network centric global A.I. system for human command and control is here. The Geo-spacial Intelligence program has been collecting information on every human being at an accelerated pace for the past decade. GeoINT is a tool for the proponents of Global Governance to cast a neural net over humanity.

This program provides a solution to the conundrum they faced getting the global population to accept micro-chipping or RFID. This technology surpasses RFID in that microchips can be removed or disabled.

How do you remove ALL of the components, elements, behaviors, relationships, emotions and tools we use in every day life which define, from an analytical system standpoint, who you are?



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JADE: An artificial Intelligence Software Program (A.I.). The DOD’s GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID is the primary framework for network-centric warfare developed by BBN Technologies, Raytheon in conjunction with DARPA. (MORE)