Dane Wigington Links Climate Engineering to Bankster Cabal 2

The Buck Stops With the Banksters

Dane Wigington correctly links climate engineering, the 9/11 False Flag, species extinction, the JFK murder and numerous deep state crimes to the bankster cabal who enforce predatory capitalism as a secret society that controls our government from behind a curtain. Although I disagree with Dane’s belief that chemtrails are intended to cool the climate, every other point made in this presentation is based on numerous scholarly sources with special mention to architect, Richard Gage, AIA  and thousands of advanced degree supporters at AE911Truth.org

Wiginton’s article has been re-posted here due to the urgency of informing the public in time to take action against WWIII and towards world peace. 


Source: Geoengineeringwatch.org

Dane Wigington

A core group of consolidated power has been orchestrating global events and manipulating society in countless ways for an unimaginably long time. The global geoengineering assault has been (and is) a primary weapon for them. This cabal of insanity has pushed the planet far past the point of no return. Society as a whole has unfortunately been all too willing to go along for the ride. Collapse is coming on numerous fronts, this is not a question, but a mathematical certainty. Those in power are preparing as fast as they can for a massive paradigm shift. As environment disintegrates, the economy will follow. False flag events have always been used by the those in power to further their agendas. They are now backed into a corner and are more dangerous than ever. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost,  the global dry shipping index has just hit an all time record low, the global refugee crisis is skyrocketing. As the walls crumble, people are more compelled to come out of their bubbles and take a look at the horizon.

Holding community viewings of documentary films can be extremely productive. One of the films that is essential for the public to see is the 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth documentary. On November 14th, such a viewing was held in Redding, California.


Preserving the planet for the young (and protecting them from the crimes of the power structure) is our collective responsibility. My most sincere thanks to young Colton for asking his question at the community viewing. It is for Colton, and all the children, that we fight.

90% of those in attendance had never examined information on the 911 issue other than the official narrative. None could argue the shocking data presented and the film was a stepping stone to the subject of climate engineering. All left with the free informational materials on geoengineering which were given away at the event and now many more “spot fires” of awakening are burning. This week’s installment of Global Alert News outlines some of the key events and factors that have lead us to this crossroad. Where do we go from here?

We must all use every peaceful option at our disposal to help sound the alarm, no stone can be left unturned.

The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

Study Documents Negative effects of Chemtrails on Global Bio-Systems 2

Presented at the Open Mind Conference, Oslo, October 19th – 21st 2012.

Harald Kautz-Vella mugHarald Kautz-Vella documents the negative effects on plant growth by global release of chemical aerosols into the atmosphere.

This article is also available as a (PDF)

Harald Kautz-Vella:

Theoretical and experimentaly proven negative effects of (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano particles on plant growth (first draft)

Regarding the chemical & physical (Ba, Srx) TiO3 quality designated as aerosols in global weather engineering concepts


Theoretical implications as well as experimental proof show that (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano particles <100 nm as they are discussed as one component for cloud seeding in global weather modification patents would cause harm to plants by

  • interrupting cell communication at the 230 nm UV absorption line by absorbing the weak intracellular UV signals responsible to trigger cell division.
  • irradiating the plant DNA with high energy ultraviolet light of 230 nm stored as excited states in the Barium/Strontium nuclides. This excitation is caused by exposure to cosmic radiation in clouds. The high-energy photons stored can be released by non-linear optical interaction when a weak longitudinal UV photon of same wave length (Bio-photon) hits a nanoparticle. The excited state oft the nuclides then discharges into a time reversed replica wave precisely flowing back to the DNA exposing it to a UV photon impact of same wave length but much higher energy.
  • dis-balancing the cell potential when triggered by terrestrial EMF, microwave or radar-radiation by releasing free electrons during an induced change of crystal geometry following their piezoelectric properties, making the plants vulnerable to the attack of fungi.

The complex interaction of these three theoretically possible forms of damage is not fully understood. However the over all effect on plants could be experimentally confirmed showing a lethal dosis for plants of aprox. 35 mg (Ba, Srx) TiO2 per kg dried organic matter depending on plant type and other external variables (both by lab analysis and) outdoor studies.

Due to the fact that:

  • the amount of (Ba, Srx) TiO2 in g per ha and year projected for geo-engeneering purposes is much higher then the experimentally evaluated lethal dosis for plants in g/ha and additionally
  • the non-soluability of these crystalls would lead to a continuous accumulation of these particles in the biosphere

launching these projects would be a threat for the biosystems of the world which sooner or later would leed to a total destruction of natural biotopes and agricultural crop in fallout regions.

1. Introduction

The human mind is trained to think in macroscopic sizes, which can lead to wrong decisions when it comes to exposing nature to nano particles. The smaller the particles, the higher the surface/volume ratio becomes. We are technically able to produce (Ba, Srx) TiO3 particles with a surface of 2.500 square meters per gram. For the following estimations this value is going to be used for calculations.

Theoretically an amount of 300 tons of that material would be enough to build a 1 particle thick layer to completely optically cover a country of the size of Germany. To deliver these particles as an aerosol would take only 30 flights with a Boing 737.

This simple calculation is what is tempting about these materials when it comes to geoengineering.

If the cloud seeding is to control climate change, or to protect industrial areas from solar flares by forming a plasma-shield in the upper atmosphere by utilizing the piezoelectric properties of this material – the benefits can be great.  Additionally Barium, the non-radioactive Strontium isotopes 85, 86, 87 and 88 and Titanate as well as their oxides can be regarded as chemically non-toxic.

There is irrefutable evidence that non-authorized aerosol spraying has been conducted in the past. Camera footage of spraying by military planes, of persistent contrails at temperatures of -35 and a relative humidity of 40%, bear whiteness of people involved up to the former leader of the FBI, and chemical analysis showing the footage of Barium/Strontium Titinate in the chemical analysis of rainwater, soil and plant samples in most of the industrialized countries.

This paper, however, is not intended to discuss the existance or legitimicy of past action –  it is to discuss the effects of future activities as they are currently carried into the public discussion for example by the German ”Umwelt Bundesamt” in the brochure:  ”Geo-Engeneering. Wirksamer Klimaschutz oder Grössenwahn. Methode. Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen. Umweltpolitische Fragen. Berlin, April 2011.”

Not taken into consideration in these public discussions are the optical and electrophysical properties of these materials, which are significant considering their possible interaction with bio-systems.

The purpose of this paper is to bring these considerations into debate.

Samples of dying plants or plants which significantly were being slowed down in growth rate from all over the world showed in lab analysis repeatedly high values of Barium, Strontium and Titan in a relative molar concentration that points to 35 mg nano-crystaline Barium/Strontium Titinate per kg dried organic matter at the moment of plant death.

Although there is no biochemical explanation for any damage done to the plant the correlation of damage and the Barium, Strontium and Titan concentrations is significant enough to take alternative mechanisms of particle-plant interaction into consideration including the known chemical ones. Knowing that nano particles of the size projected in geo-engineering patents can be absorbed by plants as a whole, and knowing the outstanding properties of these materials, these alternative ways of interaction might be optical and/or electro-physical in nature.

2. Claims

2.1. Optical interruption of cell communication

In the concept of bio-photons the DNA molecules of a plant sends out an interfering patterns of bi-directional weak UV emissions that form a holographic picture that acts as a blueprint for the plant, leading to cell divisions at the points where there is no replica wave sent back from a receiving DNA-molecule because of a ”missing” cell. The mono-directional, and therefore visible wave, will trigger cell division in a neighboring cell to close the gap. Complete plants that have their inter-cellular light exchange entirely in the annihilated state of UV waves and their time reversed replica waves, injured plants or growth-active areas like the cambium should show an excess of mono-directional UV waves triggering cell division.

A simplified form of this concept is used in holographic screening technologies using lasers as ”transmitting DNA” and the same type of piezoelectric nano-crystals as ”answering DNA” being able to project high resolution 3D holograms.

The absorption line of Barium/Strontium Titinate nano particles has its maximum at a wave length of 250nm, absorbing 90% of the light passing the crystal/

The intracellular communication that is responsible to trigger cell division is carried out by weak photons of a wave length of 260 nm.

Putting these two findings together shows that inserting piezo-electric particles of this quality should heavily interfere with cell communication – hence the DNA and the particles are using the same wavelength and the same electromagnetic waveform to communicate.

To understand the quantitative relationship between this special type of opacity and how the nano particles create and the harm done to the plants it is useful to calculate the optical density of the particles in the plant in the moment of their death.

Estimating a concentration of 35 mg/kg dry organic matter like measured in Norwegian loan as well as in the bark of dying Californian trees one can say that:

35 mg ≈ 87,5 m2 particle surface  ≈  21,875 m2 optical surface

Estimating that 1 kg dried organic matter equals a volume of 3 l = 0,003 m3 living organic matter opacity will be reached on a optical distance of 0,1311 mm which is in the range of cell size.

In the moment of the plants death, containing 35 mg (Ba, Srx) TiO2, the optical density of the nano-particles is high enough to even interrupt the communication of directly neighboring cells!

 2.2. Irradiation of plant DNA with high energy UV light

Understanding the concept of bio-photons as a pattern of bi-directional waves and their time reversed replica waves sent and received by DNA-molecules, involving alien photo-active elements could mean changing the strength of the photons involved from weak to not so weak.

It is known that particles in clouds can be excited by incoming cosmic radiation and later release this radiation in form of gamma rays. This release of gamma rays can happen spontaneously or be triggered by an incoming photon.

Visualizing this possibility it becomes obvious that the involvement of excited nuclides into a bio-photon exchange could lead to a release of stored gamma quants as time reversed replica waves being directly focused back onto the DNA that emitted the triggering bio photon.

This negentropic process of redirecting high amounts of energy back onto a weak triggering source, actually is the main characteristic of non-linear optical systems. For full understanding please read the referenced articles.

High energy UV radiation is known to be the main source for plant DNA damage. Thus a deposit of optically excited aerosols could lead to DNA damage by released UV quants.

 2.3. Disbalancing of cell potential

The immune system of all cells follows a highly defined curve of electromagnetic cell potentials, with defined potential differences between cell-core and the inner membrane surface as well as between the inner and outer cell membrane surface. Any alteration of these cell potentials weakens the ”immune system” by disturbing the equilibrium of oxidant and antioxidant processes.

Barium Strontium Titinate as a piezoelectric substance changes its crystal geometry when exposed to external electromagnetic fields. Any change in crystalographic structure is accompanied by a release of electrons.

As an aerosol in the atmosphere this [piezoelectric] effect can be used to switch clouds on and off by applying electromagnetic fields as used by HAARP and ICECAT devices or other microwave radiating antenna systems by altering the crystalographic structure which is leading to free current turning the aerosol particle to an ion what instantly leads to the forming of a droplet in the cloud.

The same [piezoelectric] effect triggered by terrestrial cellphone, microwave or radar transmission would lead to a spontaneous release of free electrons by the particle, which would alter the cell potential and thus destroy or weaken the immune system of the plant.

As a secondary cause [reduced immunity] the plant might die of fungi infections covering the primary reason of its suffering.

3. Experimental proof

Germination experiments with Barium Strontium Titinate of an engineered domain added in different defined concentrations to the germination process need to be conducted to experimentally evaluate the lethal dosis of Barium Strontium Titinate for plants. I would estimate a concentration of 35 mg/kg soaked seeds as a targeted area of experimentation, adding the Barium Strontium Titinate to the water making sure it is completely absorbed by the seeds.

I would suggest to work on crop seeds like corn, soy beans and wheat, and some fast growing things like cress for quick results to be able to publish a first version.

It should be possible to purchased (Ba, Sr) TiO3 via internet, I saw some offers. If it is impossible to get hold of smaller amounts I suggest to privately contact people working in labs where this substance is used.

4. Conclusion

Although the postulated mechanisms and their interaction is not fully researched there is enough evidence and logic in the matter to NOT use nano particles of the described quality unless the matter is fully researched and damage to plants and nature can be excluded.

Although it is tempting to control the weather to the benefits of the agriculture, and although it might appear without alternative to protect our technologies during sun flares that might hit down to the equator during a possible pole shift – especially regarding the exponentially accelerating displacement of the magnetic north pole during the last five years pointing to November 2012 to March 2013 as a possible time of transit – the price might be to high and nature might simply not wake up after a winter of bringing out aerosols – being totally blinded by our attempt to protect [assets].


Dear Sir

I kindly ask everybody who has access to lab conditions or greenhouses with controlled condition to conduct the missing experiments in chapter 4 and to report the results including pictures to:


tel. 0049 179 2661123

If I should not react on incoming results within a week this text might be used as public domain and completed with your test results naming the lethal doses of Barium Strontium Titinate together with the experimental proof. As long as e-Mail or phone contact to me is given I would like to evaluate the incoming results myself and will publish as soon as there is a visible pattern in the incoming results.

Thank you for your attention and possible contributions.


Harald Kautz-Vella

Morgellons: Global Servellance and Mind Control Sprayed From Planes 1

By Harald Kautz-Vella, Berlin
Light on Morgellons (Original post)


Under the title “chemtrails and nanotechnology,” I have shown in the first part (s. R & z no. 186), how to install the intelligence by the spraying of electro-optically active nanoparticles.

Morgellons, as well as red and blue quantum dots as a global system of surveillance and mind control ,

The body parts of Morgellons, that is, the dead hyphae (filament cells) and the hexagonal crystal-like basidia (spore formation), which accumulate with the quantum dots, thereby forming a read / write unit. The emitted from the body-DNA signals representing a kind of DNA Fingerprint and probably also tell something about the current emotional state, can localize in three dimensions in the context of coming from the chemtrails particle plasma from aluminum oxide and barium strontium titanate. This means that you know where we are, what we think and feel, and we can write it into the body of foreign feelings and thoughts via radio. The space & time-editors had asked me which to provide solutions when so much bad news in a second article.

On the first anti-chemtrail Domonstration in Berlin I learned a hard on Morgellons ill woman named Manuela Know. I decided to stay by her side until she is healed. For their sake, and for a good second article with practical solutions for the other Morgellonopfer world and for all other people, although they assimilate the fibers free of symptoms, but lose by the permanent loss of bio-photons in quality of life and possibly think things and feel that not are their own.

The Life Cycle of Morgellons
Manuela has done something incredible. She has collected more than a year all Departures (specimens) from her body, washed and photographically documented them. Using this photo pools from thousands of recordings, it was initially possible to reconstruct the life cycle of Morgellons. He is like all mushrooms from mycelium (totality of the cellular tissue), stem tuber, fruit bodies, Basidium and Spore. The mycelium initially tied to an approximately two-millimeter bullet that is easily confused with a fluff of a red or blue cardigan. This fluff but then begins to form a secretion which hardens and into  a closed surface:


Thousands of recordings, it was initially possible to reconstruct the life cycle of Morgellons
the stipe. From this stem tuber then grow in the stomach or uterus much thicker hyphae than the body by proliferating
Morgellon mycelium. These hyphae are interwoven like a carpet then the actual fruiting bodies. Did this shape found, a closed skin forms on its surface as on the cap of the mushroom.


Looking at the development of the fruit body, we see a number of recurring features. The skin on recalls
Chicken skin.  Under the skin is a kind of core system map. The fruiting body forms a ringed tail like the seahorse, a hip joint, an umbilical cord and a head with a duck-bill, which includes a single compound eye.

Apart from the fact that the fruit body only a single eye wears that seems to come from the morphogenesis of insects, so he shows exactly the shape of a human embryo.

Reductions in the intestine corresponded to a 28-day cycle in its development a human embryo morphogenesis in the
20th week of pregnancy with a size of two to three centimeters. The largest fruit body found was probably about two or
grown three lunar cycles in the uterus and had a length of six centimeters. As unbelievable as this may seem at first, it makes sense. Looking for a substitute for chemical insecticides genetic engineering for quite some time working with Myco-insecticides that have exactly this property:
They assimilate the DNA of their host, in this case, insects, and form their fruiting bodies in the form of the insect from:

Metarhizium, Beauveria and brongnartii Basidobulus came as the progenitor for the Morgellons in question. Thus Morgellons would weaponized made bio-insecticides. In this context, the role of the modified red blood cells is clear, that have been repeatedly found in chemtrails. They shape the Morgellons on their future host: humans.

“Looking for a substitute for chemical insecticides genetic engineering for quite some time working with micro-insecticides that have exactly this property: you assimmilieren the DNA of the host.”

The reference to the excruciating pain in his stomach and crawling in the body that feels as if an army of cockroaches under the skin and in the bowels of the road, brought in the best case, a referral to a mental hospital.
Since virtually all German citizens are likely to have had contact with Morgellons, of course, begs the question of why it makes some people particularly hard. So I got in touch with other seriously ill, to analyze the case histories on for similarities. The common denominator was in the medical field, a serious limitation of detoxification abilities, usually in combination with several mechanisms: a heavy Atlasdisplasie that blocks the lymphatic system; a genetically acquired KPU (Kryptopyrrolorie) leading to zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency; Camouflaged Candida infections that set the detoxification functions of the body out of action as well as a heavy borreliosis. Mushrooms like heavy metals and other cytotoxins, they poison the body with its degradation products ever. A downward spiral that can clog the liver and eventually turns off and the body becomes acidic mercilessly. In an acidic medium the Biophotonenaktivität and thus the entire immune system is limited.

Morgellons therapies
Finally, there were two addresses in the German-speaking, who could offer promising solutions: Urs Surbeck whose
bioenergetic water could do this without exception the Morgellons put an end (see article: “Smart water” in the this edition) and Ekkehard Sirian Scheller (see r & z 174: “Morgellonen – Exposure and help with the fiber disease”), the radionic with its application number of columns offers the highest form of vibrational medicine.
The Bioenergetikum of Urs Suhr Beck is strongly basic. The water formed at the cluster level perpetuating “nano-tornadoes”, an ongoing source of light and the natural order – light that can be absorbed by the DNA and order that comes from the lowest level of self-organization of nature: from the water vortex. The infoceuticals of Scheller set up where the Morgellons have their weak point. They are not part of creation, and natural vibration they can decompose.
Degrees in severe cases these two paths compared to conventional medical treatments to give certainly the priority for whoever kills a fungus that risks a severe poisoning. Regress the fungus on its development phases is because certainly the smarter way. This Rückbildungsweg leads from parasitic to symbiotic stage and from there to the resolution into individual symbionts. This requires a precise knowledge of the developmental stages and the possible pre-existing conditions, which have led to Morgelloninfektion, especially KPU, c-Candida and borreliosis.


Morgellons sind nicht Teil der Schöpfung und naturnahe Schwingung lässt sie zerfallen.

radionic code
In cooperation with Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, Manuela and me as space & time-authored a Infozeutikum of radionic codes originated,
Vibration of the products to be treated pathogens (nosodes), as well as numerical codes, the different aspects of the divine order
wear. This method of treatment is the disease of more than 30 Morgellonsche forth various aspects of, that is, it is a code that

all known pre-existing conditions with covers. This uniting everything in a medium is possible because infoceuticals not in the classical
Meaning act, but offer the body only a selection of solution paths that he can take if an appropriate indication is given. The vibrational product is offered in Germany under the name “Time Loop Solution” for the large and important area of the United States to cooperate with the company Biopur and the network of Klinghardt therapists is provided. As an accompanying measure next to the Infozeutikum a toxin excretion with zeolite is necessary. For those cases where there has been blemishes on the skin, a cream in appropriate development. In an indication of the KPU administration of certain developed for cryptopyrroluria material resources is recommended. All we know of pre-existing conditions, which belong to the Morgellon complex are taken into account.

unresolved questions

From the medical point of view one could stop here to investigate, if it were not for individual patients who have to crawl, but no
Morgelloninfektion. There are other unanswered questions: Where does the insect morphogenesis of the eye on Morgellon fruiting bodies? you
is neither human nor typical mushroom. The question of why there is only a single eye, still looking for an answer. And human
Blood cells? After giving American researchers are also genetically modified, reproduce outside the blood circulation and
even survive the fire of a Bunsen burner.

In all patients, it was women.
All of these women have gone through in your childhood sexual and / or ritual abuse.

All these women wore despite this ordeal a kind of unconditional love within themselves, their lives were “the sunshine”, also for their tormentors.
All these women are advised as adults in psychological dependence on men who engage in black magic rituals waren.Aus different corners: rock and pop musicians, CIA intelligence, characters from the high finance – the common denominator was the black-magic practices of these men. In relation with them the disease began to unfold


Schwarzmagische Rituale

Wer sich ein wenig mit den schwarz magischen Ritualen auskennt, dem ist der Einäugige bekannt. Es ist die Morphogenese des Antichristen, und auch die Feuerfestigkeit der Blutkörperchen passt in dieses Bild. Schaut man auf die historischen Aspekte des gesamten Krankheitsbildes, so tauchen weitere Schnittstellen mit schwarz-magischen Ritualen auf:
Sowohl Morgellons als auch die darunterliegende Borelliose stammen ursprünglich aus der NS-Biowaffenforschung – also von Gruppen von denen bekannt ist, dass sie im inneren Kreis schwarzmagische Riten pflegten. Zusammen mit der Chemtrail-Grundlagenforschung gingen dieses Wissen und dieser Geist nach 1945 via Operation Paperclip in die USA.
Dass die Borellien, insbesondere die Gattung „Burgdorferi“, aus der amerikanischen Biowaffenschmiede entflohen sind, ist ein offenes Geheimnis.
Und auch diese Krankheit ist dafür bekannt, zur Bewusstseinsmanipulation zu taugen. Borellien haben eine DNS, die viel höher entwickelt ist als die
menschliche, und es ist bekannt, dass Borelliosekranke auf dem Weg zum Arzt gerne mal vergessen, wo die Praxis denn eigentlich war, und dass kurz
vor dem Spritzen von Anti-Borelliose-Mitteln Venen plötzlich so schwach durchblutet werden, dass sie vom Arzt nicht mehr gefunden werden.


Four-dimensional biology
Taking these references on a black background magic Ernst and pulls into account the possibility that there is something that has become known in our culture as “demons”, the result is a complex picture:
There are people who have fallen under the delusion that they would have chosen caste as the rest of humanity patronize, control and assimilate. And it looks like, it is these people who are patronized, assimilated and controlled by an outside power. As a tool for the acquisition of the entire human consciousness.

What was formerly traded as demons, appears against the background of current higher-dimensional world images as part of a four-dimensional biology. Read next space & time-booklet about the possibility that Morgellons live in symbiosis with a transdimensional species that live as parasites light of the biophotons other life forms and could bring so on a higher vibrating reality. With two intersections:
the transfer elements for the biophotons and the tips of their legs, which make noticeable at the Morgellonopfern as crawling


Photo of Author

In order to find common ground with the pre-existing conditions, I have, as mentioned, the life stories of some other seriously ill Morgellonopfer compared. By this comparison, a second, shattering aspect of the disease Morgellonschen revealed.

TECHNOCRACY: The Trojan Horse of Climate Change Eugenics 2

COMMENT:  It’s more than annoying that the issue of global climate manipulation, geoengineering, chemtrails and HAARP is completely absent from the discussion and – I presume – from the book.  Even though James Corbett has covered “geoengineering” in past episodes, the “elephant in the room” behind eco-terrorism is completely invisible at a time when maximum exposure could help derail COP21. – HWS

Interview 1011 – Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocrats’ Climate Eugenics Agenda
Source: Corbett • 11/13/2015

Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood. Today Wood joins us once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats’ plan to control the world’s resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.

Pilot Shows No Remorse After Spraying Family With Poison Aerosols 1

“Poison Falling From the Sky”

Note:  This interesting story reported by WCJB and The Gainesville Sun demonstrates how law enforcement, media and government agencies have the capability to provide timely response to complaints when aircraft spray toxic aerosols over populations and private property.

Also revealing is the pilot’s (Klint Anderson) reportedly hostile attitude and willingness to blame the victim for not running indoors as the poison came down on he and his children without apparent warning and due notice.

Finally, the Gainesville Sun story reports the public is not required to be notified when toxic substances are sprayed by aircraft operators.


11/4/2015 – Reporter Niko Clemons

WCJB TV20 LogoMembers of a vegetation control company were apparently spraying herbicide from a helicopter in Archer Wednesday morning when a man says he and his kids also were sprayed. So far, this family has received very few answers. Nate Hollow says the only thing he was worried about was the safety of his two kids.

“You don’t know what it is, you have no idea what they’re spraying or what it’s going to do,” Hollow says.

Hollow says a helicopter, which was flown by someone from the Vertical Vegetation Management Company, started spraying whats believed to be herbicide in a pasture across the street. That’s when the helicopter began spraying in their direction. Hollow says after he called law enforcement, he got a chance to talk to the people in charge of spraying.

“When I finally got them over here with the sheriff they were argumentative, no apology, no hey how are the kids how are you is everything ok? It was completely you should have been inside,” Hollow says.

Hollow believes the vegetation company was hired by a Dr. William Covell, the man who owns the property right next to his.

Members of the Florida Department of Agriculture did show up to take samples of what was sprayed. They say it could take up to 3 months before action, if any, is taken against this vegetation company. The company and the pilot of the helicopter, both ultimately ended up ignoring our calls. (Source)

Vertical Vegetation Management, L.L.C.

Florida Dept. of State Registration

MAAA Operator – Mississippi

VVM – Klint Anderson
Email: klintanderson@gmail.com

6655 N 700 E
Darlington, IN 46940
Phone: 765-366-4447

Link to photo below (Here)

Rockefeller Globalist Agenda-21 Behind Biomass and Plum Creek? Reply

Biomass Plant Approved

Hanrahan Endorses 3 Billion PPA contract

Hanrhan hand-picked Craig Lowe Scandal


Plum Creek and The Rockefeller Group to Pursue Development of 4,722 Acres in the Southeastern U.S.

Rockefeller-brothers-photo-with CaptionSEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)— Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. (NYSE: PCL  ) , and The Rockefeller Group, the global real estate investment and development company, today announced a memorandum of understanding to evaluate and pursue joint venture development projects on 4,722 acres of land in the southeastern United States owned by Plum Creek.

The initial agreement covers two large tracts of land, including approximately 2,600 acres in Columbia County, Fla., near the municipality of Lake City, as well as approximately 2,122 acres in Laurens County, Ga., near the municipality of Dublin. The companies have also agreed to review other land parcels owned by Plum Creek for consideration of future development opportunities. (Continue)


David Rockefeller book Memoirs“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” –  David Rockefeller “Memoirs”


Agenda 21: The Rockefellers Are Building Human Settlement Zones In Connecticut

 According to many “experts”, such as the World Health Organization, and the United Nations, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities, by 2050.  Usually left out of the reporting of this statistic, are the determining factors that will be causing people to move off of rural land, and into the crowded cities.  What would make so many people leave their quiet, rural community, to go and live in a city, that is becoming evermore crowded, or what would stop someone that is living in a crowded city, from moving to a more quiet, rural community?  Surely more than 30% of the people in the world will want to have their own piece of land, with a house, away from the city, in 2050.

What these organizations are not telling you is that a massive shift of the population into cities is not a random projection, but a planned goal of many of the world’s top “leaders”, and leading organizations.  By causing an increase in the cost of owning, and living on, property in rural areas (property tax, car tax, utilities, etc.), governments will cause a shift of population from rural communities to the city.  This is one of the goals of United Nations Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is a massive plan, or program of action, for the 21st century, developed by the United Nations, and connected organizations, that would require every resource in the world, including humans, to be collectivized, and controlled.  If you have never heard of, or are looking to become more familiar with, UN Agenda 21, I have read, and analyzed, the document, and have written a report titled, A Critical Analysis of Agenda 21 – United Nations Program of Action, which I highly recommend.  (More)


Rockefeller Brothers Fund Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, and Governors for the “Green Agenda”

“(…) foundation dollars extended to support these non-green voices have grown dramatically (…). The RBF has supported “allied voices for climate action” that include businesses, investors, evangelicals, farmers, sportsmen, labor, military leaders, national security hawks, veterans, youth, and governors and mayors. (more)


Rockefellers Invest in Fracking as they pretend to divest from Petroleum. (article)

Reducing their investment in petrol, Standard Oil has focused on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as is sanctioned by the UN as the alleged eco-friendly replacement for petrol across the globe.

Devil in the Details:

♦  Hydraulic “fracking”  is a mining process invented by Standard Oil (Rockefellers) in 1947 to extract Oil and Natural Gas.

♦  Natural Gas (Ngas) is the corporate name for Methane (CH4) a powerful greenhouse gas far more potent than CO2.  Corporate media rarely reports that Ngas is essentially no different than methane.  Instead, the stock market refers to Ngas as a relatively clean energy commodity to be lauded by global warming activists.  But the same uninformed activists who fall for Ngas propaganda will wave signs to protest releases of methane into the atmosphere by cows.  Even activists who protest the environmental assault of fracking are mostly unaware that methane is being mined for re-sale as “Natural Gas”.   EPA Statement  (More) .

Fracking Protesters


An aggressive program of annexation has served to capture rural areas into Ganesville’s urban tax base while Alachua County governtment is moving to increase the cost for those who choose to live in unincorporated areas.


Secret Weather Modification Programs Exposed As Cause of “Climate Change” 1

WEATHER MODIFICATION Programs, Problems, Policy and Potential-b

The most important finding in this report is that climate engineering was covertly deployed decades before any measurable effects of so-called “global warming” could be detected to justify such climate manipulation.

The inescapable conclusion is that aerosols and electromagnetic weapons have been used for decades in order to justify pseudo-scientific findings by the IPCC that an epidemic of bad weather is caused by CO2 and greenhouse gases.

The WWII development of the V-2 rocket was the inspiration for space-based weapons deployment to control people on the ground regardless their nationality.

The post-war influx of NAZI scientists under the ironically named, “Operation Overcast” (later named Operation Paper-Clip), began the military effort of weaponizing the unreachable high altitudes of the atmosphere and outer space.

The 1978 Senate report – only made public in digital PDF in 2013 – confirms these aircraft dumps were carried out for decades under the guise of national defense. But the recent emergence of global United Nations governance over national sovereign has exposed the weaponization of space as a tool of the oligarch elite to ultimately control the global population regardless their disappearing notions of countries with borders.

Dahboo7 says chemtrails are a weapon, not geoengineering or SRM.

EXPLOSIVE BOOK RELEASE: “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” 2

The contributors to this book prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax to promote the Obama/ Holder gun-control agenda More…