CHEMTRAILS: ENRON Sold Weather Derivatives To Wager on Climate Change 2

It should not be surprising that a market has evolved for “weather derivatives,” effectively allowing large financial institutions to make money gambling on how chemtrails manipulate the weather. And it should also come as no surprise that this market was largely pioneered by that infamous globalist-connected insider corporation, Enron. More…

Carbon Black Chemtrails is Owning The Weather in 2025 2

It’s highly significant that Climate scientist, Bill Gray’s 1974 elaborate study is based on the advantages of heating the atmosphere with carbon black aerosols on a massive scale but is curiously devoid of any mention of CO2, Global Warming, rising sea levels or fear of climate change – even as the AGW fear-mongering was gaining media traction. More…

Geoengineers Recommend Climate Engineering Testing Start Now Reply

Protection Racket: These pro-geoengineering authors say they want international government cooperation on climate-cooling strategies to protect the public from “rogue” efforts by countries, corporations and profiteers – while ignoring the obvious chemtrails operation that is causing the climate problem to begin with. More…

EXPOSED: Eco-Terrorism of Navy Electromagnetic Warfare Exercises 1

War Games Threaten Extinction of Life

Perpetual War = Perpetual Extinction

Electromagnetic warfare Growler Jets  washington State

By Dahr Jamail, Truthout

Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest in Washington State are two of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States. Majestic glacier-clad peaks rise above temperate rainforest-covered hills. Gorgeous rivers tumble down from the heights and the areas are home to several types of plants and animal species that exist nowhere else on earth.

These protected national commons are also the areas in and near where the US Navy aims to conduct its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program, wherein it will fly 36 of its EA-18G “Growler” supersonic jet warplanes down to 1,200 feet above the ground in some areas in order to conduct war games with 14 mobile towers. Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area.

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Nevada TV Station Says Chemtrails “Are Not Natural Clouds” 2

Malcolm Harris Chemtrail Photographer - NevadaUSAF_Air-Force-Academy-Chemtrails ManualPhotographer, Malcolm Harris convinced a Las Vegas TV station – KLAS,  to look into chemtrails for an investigative report, which aired during February sweeps month.

Harris showed some photographs he took to KLAS-TV that showed what he believes are “chemtrails” – a term invented and published in 1990 by the US Air Force Acedemy and DoD. (Source)

KLAS Nevada Chemtrails Photos_0

Photographer, Malcolm Harris

Harris’s observations and photographs are consistent with disclosure by atmospheric scientist – Jasper Kirkby:

“These are clouds seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”

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“You could see the very beginning and the end, and it was very clean and it stood by itself,” …..“There wasn’t anything else around it. I’ve seen clouds being made out here in the desert. All of a sudden you see a cloud being made, and that is not what was going on.”

George Barnes (Skydernet), producer Skyder-Alert--App-Logo-copyof the chemtrails film “Look Up,” said various groups are spraying the skies for a variety of reasons.


“The conclusion is, because it is unregulated, anybody could do it,” … “So anybody that is interested in experimenting with climate engineering, weather modification, has the right and the authority to test it.”

Barnes asserts that chemtrails are part of a government plot to control the weather using toxic levels of aluminum, barium and other substances he has found in his own family’s hair.

“I tested my 6 year old daughter’s hair,” … “Same thing on her – same concentrations, three times over the toxic limits.”

As expected KLAS bowed to Deep State authority in their follow-up video to discredit chemtrails as an unfounded “conspiracy theory.” (more)

More “Aerosol Dump” Images

KLAS Nevada Chemtrails Photos_1

Photographer, Malcolm Harris

KLAS Nevada Chemtrails Photos_2

Photographer, Malcolm Harris

KLAS Nevada Chemtrails Photos_3

Photographer, Malcolm Harris