Crisis Actors Fail to Make Boston False Flag Look Real 4

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Crisis Actors fail to make False Flag bombing Look Real when the camera captures them applying makeup and using props.    As the dust is thrown, a worried crisis actor looks toward camera to see if the strolling “officials” succeeded in blocking the lens from capturing the deception.

This is not just a exercise to train first responders.  It’s obvious the mission of the Crisis Actors is to deceive the American People into accepting a false reality – a False Flag.   There’s little to distinguish the motive of  these actors from CIA/FBI  Black Ops programs – however  we’re likely to see these faces many more times as the “Feds” pursue an increasing Police State to protect themselves.

News posted on the Crisis Actors website focuses on the legislative consequences of their covert operation. Here’s one example from today.

April 23, 2013 – “Colorado Lawmakers Unanimously Pass SRO Legislation”

“The measure adds SROs to the list of community partners defined in Colorado law as most essential in helping schools improve their safety plans, train in multi-hazard emergency response, and practice interoperable communications with local first responders. The bill also requires the state to provide school safety grant writing assistance to schools and districts over the next five years.”   —   “When Olson explained that SRO funding primarily comes from local law enforcement agencies, Senator Andy Kerr stated that the bill is particularly beneficial to the smaller school districts and smaller law enforcement agencies.”    ***  More


Jaco-Rochelle CNN Gulf War

Disinfo by Charles Jaco and Carl Rochelle

Corporate media involved in mass TV audience deception for decades.

Charles Jaco was involved in a completely staged event in 1991 Gulf War.  CNN displayed foolish hubris in a transparent plan to deceive the American people with a phony report from Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.

But things are far worse today:  CNN continues to publish lies along with the rest of the goose-stepping corpse media.

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  1. It appears to me that some or all of the crisis actors may be FBI/CIA employees. How else could these productions be kept secret.
    On http://www.insane there is an article “Sandy Hook cast of characters-Alicia Hanann” where evidence shows that Alicia and child may possibly appear in Sandy Hook false flag and that Alicia is an FBI employee.

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