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USAF_Air-Force-Academy-Chemtrails ManualConspiracy Fact:  the Department of Defense first published “Chemtrails” in 1990 as the title to a required chemistry course for new pilots attending the esteemed US Air Force Academy. The term “chemtrails”, and its implied meaning were eventually adopted by civilian and retired military observers to describe unusual jet contrail emissions. (Oxford dictionary)  Download your PDF copy of “Chemtrails




Documented Aerosol Dumps Over Gainesville

Archive Video Backup

Required Reading

NASA Documents Reveal CLIMATE CHANGE Caused by Covert Weather Weapons  This article goes back in time prior to WWII to explain the history of how national proposals to warm the arctic was mysteriously reversed to an inappropriate and nearly instantaneous campaign of fear-mongering about how CO2 was going to warm the arctic and the planet – for free. This abrupt and unexplained reversal in national conversation was coincidental with operation paper-clip and importation of  NAZI scientists who were welcomed with open arms by sympathetic forces already in place in the USA.  One clue is the ability to launch rockets into the atmosphere carrying nuclear and space weapons. This opened the opportunity to transform the earth’s atmosphere into a virtual “gas chamber” for global dominance.

NASA 1966 National Weather Modification Program (PDF) In 1966 a weather modification program was initiated by NASA that included ionospheric heaters (IH) like those now at HAARP in Gakona, AK and others recently deployed around the planet.

Weather Modification – The evolution of an R & D Program into a Military operation  (PDF) The military, with its new IH and almost every federal agency signed on to a directive that has evolved into a “code of silence” to hide the details of climate manipulation from the public. This is why NASA, FAA, NOAA and all federal agencies speak with the a united Orwellian voice to deny that aircraft are spraying aerosols (chemtrails). This secret mission has turned our government into a technocratic “cult” evolved over decades of corruption where the public’s trust in the scientific method is betrayed and manipulated to support a policy of global tyranny. This document reveals the sense of betrayal that hijacked a weather modification program to turn it into a weather weapons system.

• Following NASA’s 1966 Nationalized Weather Modification Program, federal agencies became united by a cult of secrecy to deny “chemtrails” and other secret atmospheric and space weapons.   This is why TV news will cover chemtrails complaints but will always allow a government expert to have the last word, leaving the audience to believe observers are “conspiracy theorists” - a journalistic bullying term. 

• Agencies enlisted in 1966 Weather Mod Program: NASA, Dept. of State, Federal Aviation Agency, National Science Foundation, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of the Interior, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Agriculture, Atomic Energy Commission, Federal Council for Science and Technology, Dept. of Health Education and Welfare, Council of Economic Advisers, Bureau of the Budget, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Smithsonian Institution, National Academy of Science, Federal Communication Commission.

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ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org

ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org ContrailScience.com  metabunk.org




  1. Does anyone one on this site have a professional analysis of these Chemtrails? This video states its an Aerosol based on observation alone…really. Many countries have been experimenting with eg: Dry Ice to seed clouds in an attempt to make it rain in drought periods could that explain some of what you see as well as chemical/fertiliser spraying of crops and one photo I saw on your site looks exactly like a large plane(&$&) dropping water on a fire. I don’t dismiss the possibility of Governments experimenting with Germ/Chemical warfare spraying devices for killing people on mass or destroying crops/vegetation as “Agent Orange” did. The old Aerosols CFC’s did rise up to put holes in the atmosphere allowing all types of radiation to get through are governments still using these?

    • Hi Keith…If you’re new to the topic we welcome your curiosity.

      Observation is an essential beginning in the scientific method.

      If you’re looking for an MSDS sheet for what is coming out of these aircraft, you won’t find one since this “chemtrails” operation has been carried out under secrecy in broad daylight for years. Different aircraft are spraying different compounds, broadly referred to as “aerosols” or “chemtrails” – a term invented and first published by the DoD for pilots at the USAF Academy.

      The professional analysis of aluminum and barium comes from EPA approved labs, however there’s no guarantee that the next batch will contain something entirely different…and unknown….and colorless.

      Lab analysis from several many locations showing aluminum, barium and other compounds are available on the internet. But first look at this video: http://wp.me/p2FjTj-3CO

  2. Jets sprayed the hell out of NYC last weekend starting early in the morning then 2 days later snow storm,strange powdery snow that doesn’t melt and doesn’t pack very well. I was thinking to take it to a lab,next time i will.I wrote an email to our mayor but got nothing back.Im sick of this i want to fight back now.

    • Hi…Yes. It seems impossible to find competent technical people to collect systematic samples of snow to be analyzed in the correct way. Instead all we see in Bic lighters and IPCC style science.

  3. It looks like the Geo-Engineering discussions are really heating up all over the place. Perhaps because there’s a bit of a drought in nonsense human interest story show trials and Justin Berber stories. Geo-Engineering Watch is doing a good job, even though I don’t agree with their take on man-made global warming.

    Here’s a good discussion on TV in Spain;
    TV Interview JOSEFINA FRAILE SkyGuards English Subt NEW

    • Dane’s insistence on using IPCC biased science to prove chemtrails causes me to wonder about what he’s really up to here. At this point you can’t criticize his position without being regarded as the equivalent of a holocaust denier.

  4. Hi, Harold. I find your website very interesting. Here in Tallahassee there seems to be aerosol spraying on a frequent basis. I can almost predict the schedule. I have a lot of pictures even a couple where the pilot forgot to turn off the spray before making a turn. If you would like, I can share them with you. I also use Flightradar24 Pro to match aircraft with persistent trails. Usually, no aircraft are on radar where persistent trails are being made. Thanks for your effort and presenting the situation in a matter-of-fact manner.

  5. I have been a private investigator for 12 years and on my own dime I have been investigating chemtrails for the last three years! What concerns me the most is the deliberate flights paths over major towns and cities when it is not necessary! I live in new England and these commercial aircraft that spray always land at JFK airport! At least the ones that spray new England … The problem is fuel cost are very expensive but I see these planes leaving France going way out of their way heading north east up to Nova Scotia down through Maine,NH, MA RI, CT, NYC… But they deliberately hit every major city and town with dense populations along the way. I believe these are the Metro death dumps FBI chief Ted Gunderson was talking about. It does not make sense to waste all this fuel and to pollute all these cities and towns when the most feasible flight path would be east to west in a straight line over all ocean until to they land at JFK! Flight radar is a good tool to study flight paths!

    • Many agendas in the aerosol spraying.

      Flying over dense populations is a tool to spy on populations, inflict vitamin D deficiency, create cloud cover to trigger depression, alumina neural toxicity. No doubt the end-game is to lower resistance and fuel the medical-industrial complex.

      It’s becoming clear BIG OIL was looking forward to warming the arctic for access to drilling but that may not have worked out so well. Shell recently abandoned attempts to drill up there. Low sun-spots could be making it colder than expected even while they spray day and night.

      I’ve noticed how the spraying goes very heavy when the Media begins their fear campaign on climate change and rising seas. More evidence chemtrails are sprayed to warm surface temps.

      Obama Care is waiting for the aftermath as the ultimate population control mechanism where the victim is convinced they are being helped as they are actually being exterminated.

      Operation paper-clip originally went by the name “operation overcast” until knowledge of the operation to import NAZIS was leaked into public domain. Spraying chemicals in the atmosphere to control weather goes way back the WWI and developed into what we see today.

      Most revealing is the history of global warming was welcomed as a good thing for decades until after WWII. Read this and enjoy the matrix of the memory hole.

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